nail ridges!

Hi Guys!

I know that someone somewhere asked a question about horizontal nail ridges & as usual I can’t find it!

As most of you know I’ve recently had a ‘relapse’ that caused me to be off ill for 5 months. I’m a lot better now - most of the symptoms I described as severe during this time are either gone or are now mild.

I’m basically left with:

Moderate fatigue & still unable to walk very far

Stiffness & muscle weakness - particularly bad in the mornings

Left side, numb & burning thighs, fasciculations and the odd spasms & cramps

I still can’t feel my bladder but I’m managing it.

Anyway back to my nails!

Every time I’ve had a ‘relapse’ in the past I’ve noticed really prominent deep ridges accross my nails that show for several weeks after recovery - then they slowly grow out

Lo & behold I have them this time too!

I’ve googled it and they are what are called Beau’s Lines - apparently they can occur after a severe systemic illness, metabolic illness, malnutrition or as a side effect of drugs - chemo patients get them for example

They are interesting as they clearly show my body went through ‘something’ - but they don’t really diagnose anything for me I suppose

It’s just interesting that they happen every time I have a ‘relapse’ of whatever this is!!!

Anyone else get them??? xxxjenxxx

Hi Jen, Ive too have them some on my finger nails, but mostly on my right thumb which are in intervals from the base to the tip. They are fairly long too because I play the classical guitar so they must be an 8-10 month record if they grow at an eigth of an inch a month. Its odd because the deepest and closest togetherwhich coincides with the most recent when I suspect Ive been in relapse mode. Good Observation Jen, wonder if anyone else has similar ? Frank.

It is interesting isn’t it! I have them accross my toes too! x

One thing that keeps coming up in relation to Beau’s Lines is hypocalcemia - also related to Vit D deficiency - linked to autoimmune disease etc etc etc


I havent checked my toes.yet my back is too stiff, maybe I should take a pic and let you know how it goes? :slight_smile: Frank.

I have ridges on my hand and tow nails, googled and found the same info as you.

It makes sense that I got them following the brain haem and I have also noticed the ones on my toes are deeper which I guess is because I then went on to have surgery on my foot.

Apparently nails can show up various problems, vitamin deficencies and past illness. I think of them like rings inside a tree truck almost because they take a while to grow out and show what your body has been dealing with.

Weird, Horistonal on toes, vertical on nails, Frank can you play bouree in e minor? I love my guitars, I play almost anything, electric and accoustic, just getting into classical but cannot grow my nails at all.

Must have a look for that in my music library. I played my first chords fiftyone years ago it was one of the beatles songs

Oops just posted wrong post Tom

wrong post?, i must say our bodies are weird and further more its crazy how something like our nails can tell us about us.

They could probably be cross referenced with hair deposits! F.