Financially drained

Hi all,

I will keep this as brief as I can. So my partner has finally had his Pip assessment about 3 months ago and has only been granted the lower rate for daily living. He’s very determined to try his hardest and managed to walk the 50 metre corridor during the assessment, therefore they wouldn’t grant him anything for mobility. Since then he has had another episode, he’s finding it more difficult to walk, is struggling more with fatigue and dizziness as well as his previous symptoms. We have appealed the decision but have still been granted nothing else.

He isn’t entitled to esa or anything similar as his work assessment ruled him fit to work, even though he can hardly walk or stand, let alone see. And just to add to the mess, due to my earnings (enough to pay the rent and some of the bills) the council have said they’ve overpayed us by several thousand pounds in housing benefit and council tax reductions.

This is the first time either of us have ever had to claim any benefit or disability and we’re really struggling to understand how this all works. I need to be as home as much as possible to help him but have to work 40+ hours to keep the house. Has anyone been in a similar situation and managed to find a solution? Any advice would be a great help! Thanks :slight_smile:

please get in touch with welfare rights, probably based at your local town hall.

they can help with benefits and advise you on other stuff.

maybe they can offer legal advice or refer you to someone who can.

it sounds unfair that the council have said they overpaid you.

they were at fault here.

at the very least they should wait for it.

get advice as soon as possible.

3 important parts to include in any answer on a PIP form I have been informed is can you do “it” (any question) 1. Safely 2. In a timely manner, 3. can you repeat this exercise multiple times If your answers state you can’t do the activities and your worst case/day covers all 3 of the points you should in my head get the max points for that question. Doing it once is NOT enough. Charlie (still waiting to hear from DWP re PIP BTW, so I might not be the best person top advise)

Hello there, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I don’t know if these two links will help: Free and impartial money advice, set up by government - Money Advice Service Good luck.

Your partner could reapply for PIP, based on his current physical condition as you say it’s worsened. This time, keep in mind Charlie’s advice re reliably, safely, repeatedly. So if your OH can walk 50 metres, then need a long rest before walking anymore, or if he can do it but it’s not very safe or takes him twice as long as you might do it, it’s possible that he’ll qualify now.

What you need to do is make sure you have written evidence to back up a claim. From anyone, MS nurse, physio, GP, whoever he sees and who knows him well.

With regard to your council overpayment, see what is the lowest rate they’ll accept for repayment of the money you owe. It can be a lot less than they’re asking for initially. What they need to know is that you’ll repay the money, even if it takes a bit longer.


I’ve just sent off my PIP claim, the local welfare rights said i should get something, but you never know and many have to take it to appeal.

Hey I would contact ur council and tell them of the situation if they can set up a easy n able payment plan that u are able to budget for. I’ve just been given my date for a home consultation for pip in I am dreading it I’ve never had to apply for benefits before as I have always worked since 16 and I am relying on my husbands wages to keep the house n bills afloat. Hope you can sort everything out.

If he ‘managed’ to walk 50 metres, did he do it in a timely manner and safely. How was he at the end of that walk - the trouble is he more than doubled the 20m criteria.

My immediate thoughts are as he is worse - reapply as his condition has worsened and tell him not to make efforts to show what he CAN do.

A successful benefit application depends on what somebody CANNOT do…so don’t do it!