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Hi everyone sorry but lost my data and needed to update my username not been in here for a while. Just to keep it short My husband was diagnosed with M S in 2009 he now has Secondary Progressive he is 62 but as we all know he would have had it a lot longer.

Problems on the finance now we moved in our home about 2 years before relapse and diagnosis hubby now unable to continue in work for balance, safety rules, limited vision, and numerous other symptoms.

Found some things for help along the way but we are now looking down the financial window gun that needs addressing.

We have 4 Georgian type windows that are all on the front of the house as we live on a busy main road they deteriorate faster they have started to rattling and steaming up in sun light we cant hide the fact any more that they need replacing.

We still have a mortgage and have extended it beyond life? so we cannot have a loan.

Does any one know of financial support for windows.

Be grateful for any response.

This will be a difficult one to solve. Most organisations who give grants want to do something specific to the medical condition causing the problem. Grants for equipment, adaptations etc. Your inability to pay for the windows is of course directly related to MS because your husband has lost his earning potential but it is a difficult one to sell.

Some areas have organisations that help with home maintenance for the elderly and disabled. Where I live it’s called care and repair perhaps you will have something similar.


Will give care and repair a look thank-you for your suggestions.



Some local councils offer a home repair loan. Such as this is on the Harlow Council webpage.

Home repair loan

Home repair loans may be available for owner occupiers to carry out repairs to their property such as replacement windows, doors and roofing works up to a limit of £5,000 in any five year period. The loans are interest free and are repaid when the property is next sold or ownership transferred. In order to qualify for this type of assistance you will need to be in receipt of at least one means tested benefit such as income support or guaranteed pension credit. In some cases a loan may be available for a registered disabled person or someone over the age of 60 years.

Many thanks Lenny I am sure I have seen some thing for Sheffield will do some research next week.


They do them in your area:

Contact us

We can be contacted by post at;

Homes and Loans Team
Sheffield City Council
PO Box 1918
S1 2XX

Contact details

Telephone Number – 0114 2735148

or by email to:

Also we have applied for a grant for a stair lift, and have gotten through to the next stage. So you can start thinking of other grants. I am 63 and my doctor approved our grant.

Good luck i hope you get it sorted. xx

Have you tried Turn2us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services.

Thanks everyone feeling like a clerk at moment sending loads of letters and emails.

the governments green deal is still available, they have stopped funfing it after september so you would have to apply asap