Well happy today guys, after 11 months to get DX , today I get the letter confirming tysabri starting next Friday 21st. Can wait … Finally I’m fighting back, this disease has had a free run for too long. Gray

Glad it is all happening for you after the long wait :slight_smile: Can I ask how many relapses you had over what period to qualify for second line drugs straight away? It seems different depending where you live.

Great news Gray, hope it works for you. Lx


hope it works for you-i am still hoping after 8 months on it…


Thanks guys Pudding lover I had my first & only relapse last April , but it was a whopper Double vision,lost the use of my entire right side, ms hug and loads of other things, 2 x mri’s , lesion on brain & spine, positive LP , and here I am 11 mths later with symptoms in my legs and eyes still ongoing , although not so severe. So neuro said 6 weeks ago straight on tysabri as my ms is highly active and I pushed to hit it with the strongest treatment available. Take care Gary

I’m glad some neuros fight for their patients. My first relapse had me in pain and hospitalised for 3 weeks. It affected my whole left side. Then 2 months later my whole right side went completely numb and I lost all balance including double vision. Then 2 months after that I got drop foot and tremors on my right. I have brain lesions. I have had over 6 months off work and still have (mainly) double vision which can’t be corrected by glasses, painful hands and feet with altered sensations, fatigue and stiffness. One neuro said he thought I would be eligible for second line as my ms was so active, but when I got to Oxford only first line was offered. Does anyone else go to Oxford and have the same problem?

Great news, Gray. I look forward to hearing news of how well you’re doing. Here’s to a much better year than the one you’ve just been through

Tracey x

Glad your getting a start gray I tried to pm you from your other post but it didn’t work I’ll try again Em x