Finally been diagnosed!

So I have recently diagnosed been diagnosed and it didn’t really come as a shock to me as a other family members have it as well! So it’s not good however must remain positive as my children need a strong positive Dad, anyway my question to everyone is do other people suffer from a really irritating twitch/spasm in the leg? If so and tips to help ease this? Also can anyone tell me their experience with plegridy and should I be cautious? Many thanks in advance Steve

Hi Steve and welcome to the club no-one wants to join!

Your positive attitude is good, but dont beat yourself up if you dont always feel so.

I get the irritating twitches too…baclofen helped.

I dont anything about plegridy, as having PPMS, we got nowt to help!

Best wishes

I have twitching legs but put this down to Periodic Limb Movement which often occurs alongside Restless Leg Syndrome. I was struggling with this before my relapse so didn’t attribute to MS.

Like PPMS has said, I’ve found that baclofen has helped considerably but so has gabapentin. Before being used as a neuropathic painkiller it was used as one of the early anti-spasmodics for epilepsy. As such it really helps in stopping my jerky legs which can get really quite violent.

Good luck.