Baclofen+ Q. Re spasms/jerks

My GP has prescribed me Baclofen for increased tone in my right leg, whilst I await my much coveted neuroinflammatory appointment (lesions present in brain & banding present in CSF), but I’m not too keen on it. My wife says she’s noticed a difference in my leg spasm frequency at night when I’m resting and when asleep, but I personally don’t feel it’s doing much and I really dislike how it makes me feel. I can only describe it as an out of body like and surreal lightheadedness.

I was wondering what people’s general consensus is on Baclofen?

An other thing I was hoping to receive other people’s input on is on jerks and a feeling I sometimes get prior to them . Often but not always I feel like a prelude/warning inside before they happen. It’s difficult to explain but I can only aliken it to a feeling of like an internal pressure around the chest which travels up to my head, not a physical pain more if an intense and sudden anxiety, though I’m not actually anxious. Very difficult to describe. I was just wondering if anyone else has feelings, or signs prior to spasms, jerks or twitching?

As usual thanks in advance for any replies.

I can relate to the sensations you’re describing.

Baclofen is supposed to be taken in a slowly built up dosage over a couple of weeks but I found difficult in tolerating it too. Eventually settled on a low 30mg per day but found it easier to take in 5mg amounts throughout the day & night, which involved cutting the 10mg tablets in half. In fact I took 10mg on the first dose of the morning and would save 5mg for the middle of the night when I got up to pee. It does work though and have noticed more twitching when I’ve skipped a few.

Maybe that would work for you too? What dosage have you been prescribed?


I found baclofen worked to a degree, but I could only tolerate very small increasing until I got to 30mg at night. If I tried to make to increase too quickly it made me feel light headed.

Hope this helps

Pam x

Hi baclofen is a good drug for spasms, stiffness and jerks.

But be careful, as too much can cause falls. I believe it put me in a wheelchair prematurely.

I dont take it now.

I know what you mean re feelings before a jerk in my feet…it’s like a nip or sharp pin prick.