fifth cranial nerve??

Wondered if anyone knows, but can you get a diagnosis of ms if you have scarring on the fifth cranial nerve?(causes trigeminal neuralgia)
Had a mri done 3-4 years ago as suffered badly with facial pain, maxofacial lost mri results and never got told, looking into trying to find results.

The cranial nerves are part of the central nervous system and are often affected by MS. An episode of TN would certainly “count” as an attack consistent with MS, but it would only be one part of the puzzle. To get a diagnosis you need evidence of more than one attack and one lesion.


Karen x

thanks karen, i have had numourous attacks, but no scarring, had mri 2 and half years wondered if the scarring on the tm nerve would count ?
You are always so quick to reply, and you are very knowledgable, thanks for your time x

It should, as long as it’s on an MRI scan. If it’s not “objective” (i.e. a machine detected it) then the neuro may not count it :frowning:

The problem with being reliant on an imperfect tool :frowning:


Thanks Karen x