Does scarring mean ms?

Hi I’m new and as yet undiagnosed. I could use some advice please. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis six years ago. Since then I have been taking levo. After years of going back and forth to doctors with many symptoms under the autoimmune disease umbrella I have finally had an mri but just on the spine. The doctor rang me yesterday and said the mri showed scar tissue on the nerves and she is now referring me to a neurologist. I was at my son’s swimming lesson when she rang so I didn’t get chance to ask any questions and can’t get hold of her for another week. I do have a lot of symptoms of ms including fatigue, tingling and weakness, muscle spasms bad memory etc. But these can also be explained by dodgy thyroid levels. The main indicator that got me sent for mri is that every time I put my head to my chest I get electric tingling down my legs. What I’m asking is this; should I prepare for a diagnosis of ms or could the scarring be something else? I have never had surgery or an injury that could have caused it. I know I’ll get proper answers in time but it could be a good while before I get a neurology appointment and I’m driving myself crazy searching for causes. I know these diseases are so vague that it can take years to get the right treatment and I hope some of you will remember this frustration and give me a shout. Thanks in advance G

Hi G,

Your head on your chest thing is called L’Hermittes; see L'Hermitte's sign - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

Scarring is something your Neurologist will have to clarify. It could be you had lesions/inflammation and they left scars but it does depend on where these are.

Obviously, you want answers; it’s a horrible time in limboland but until the Neuro does some tests it will be a guessing game. This will give you an idea of the diagnosis process

All the luck in the world.