Has anyone been diagnosed with fibromyalgia when it turned out to be MS?

Yes, in fact one consultant wondered if I had both, another thinks there are three things going on including the M.S.

Although, I meant to say, I had various symptoms since I was small but have always been very healthy to counteract this. So I have been used to living with things since I was a child. I have never though thought it might be this or that, my Mum bless her used to send me ‘disease’ info from the Sun every weeks saying I must have this and must have that. So I have always been a great believer in knowledge from those that know and not what I think. I have used my chemist/pharmacist to ask over the years about things for every day changes, my GP for everything else and referrals, an acupunturist at one time when I was very poorly, massage, healing things, my neuro and specialists for all other advice. It has taught me to keep lists of symptoms, changes etc. and present my evidence to the GP in the first instance whenever I wanted to ask about treatment or advice. This forum helps me get by too, without this I would feel very isolated.