Fertility / Levitra

Hi all, The wife and I are currently trying to start a family and have been now for almost 12 months. Unfortunately due to my MS I suffer from ED too and have to take Levitra (10mgs) to help me “perform”. I’ve tried researching but have been unsuccessful to date but was wondering if anyone knew if Levitra had any effects to the fertility side of things? I was previously taking Cialis but stopped due to the side effects and having also read that it can affect fertility. If anyone could shed some light on this then it’d be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Can’t help with your question, but best of luck hope this bumps you up and you get an answer.

Hello - I would like to find out what your experience has been trying to conceive with ED related drugs. I know this post is a little older but any information to your results is appreciated! We are in a similar situation and unsure about the drugs. Thanks!