Females and suprapubic catheters

  • Any females out there who can give advice on having/using a Suprapubic catheter, thinking of having this done, but not too sure, is it correct that with this fitted you cannot use a flip flo valve? and must always use a leg bag. Anyone know quick your body gets used to not weeing in the normal way, I don’t fancy leaking as well !! All opinions/thoughts/discoveries welcome, thank you

You can use a flip/flo valve with an SPC. Just not immediately. I thought when I had one, I’d be able to start using a flip flo straight away. The wet patch on my lap by the time we got home from the hospital put me straight.

I didn’t really get on with the SPC, so had it removed, but before I did, I made sure my bladder would hold up by using a flip flo for a couple of days.

In terms of your body not weeing normally, mine didn’t anyway. That’s why I used ISC all the time both before and after the SPC. Some people who have bladder spasms sometimes bypass the SPC and wee through the urethra, ie wet themselves. But if you don’t have bladder spasms, you’d be safe.

You do get used to using a leg bag, as I said, you’d have to in the early days anyway while the wound heals. And the best thing about an SPC is of course, not having to get up at night. Even people who use flip flo tend to use night bags. And not waking up for a wee in the night is great.

The reason I didn’t get on with the SPC was that I was plagued by infections the whole time, in 6 months I had a virtually constant UTI. So had 4 lots of antibiotics. Plus I had a nasty wound infection.

I was happy to revert to ISC.

But many people find that an SPC changes their lives, it gives them freedom from soggy continence pads.


I’m a female homo sapien!

I had a SPC fitted February 2018. I must say, it was a welcome relief! Prior to that I was using an UID (ureathral indwelling catheter). It kept blocking every 9 odd days!!! Bothering the DNs at 2/3 am. In a fluster with excruciating pain. I only experienced one or two UTI’s thou. I opted for a SPC.

Now I use a Leg Bag or a Flip-Flo valve. A night bag during the night. No getting up. This method seems to be working…

so far… ok.

can any body help. I’m due to have a suprapubic catheter put in next month. it came through really quickly and now i’m panicking a bit. will it leak? can i wear trousers easily (haven’t worn a skirt in years)? How long does it take to settle in and get used? any tips on what to wear to make things easy. i’ve read previous posts but any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Tilly. Ive had mine for 8 years. They are around 95% effective Id say. It has improved my life greatly. I still wear a pad incase I do leak…but I am sometimes bowel incontinent too.

As a wheelchair user I have my wee bag tube coming over the top of my trousers and into a cloth bag hanging on my wheelchair. I cover the pipework with my clothes, so no-one can see it.

If you are still mobile people usually wear what`s called a leg bag strapped to their leg with supplied fastenings.

I have the catheter changed every 4 weeks…district nurses come out to do it and it doesnt hurt, just makes you flinch a bit sometimes.

You can PM me if you like.