Anyone been swimming with a supra-pubic catheter?

Hi all,

Been thinking about going swimming for a while , if i can manage the whole getting unchanged/dressed thing!

Anyway my main question does anyone here have a supra-pubic catheter and swim. Anything that I need to be aware of? Is it safe to do so, not that I will be diving in or doing 20 lengths!!!


Hi Schoey, try posting again on EL. Much bigger group and surely somebody has been swimming with catheter!

Pat x

Hi, Ill alert campion to your query. Shes the experienced one when it comes to spcs.

luv Pollx

Hi There,

l have had my SPC for over 15yrs - and yes you can go swimming. lts possible to connect a flipflow valve to the catheter so you do not need the drainage bag. l have the short length/female cath - so l do not have long length of tubing.

message me if you need more info.


Just wondering frances, how long can you leave the valve closed, before you need to go?

luv Pollx

Thanks guys! Now I have no excuses not to go!

Poll, lf the flipflow is closed and you need to’go’ you will wee normally. [the pee is silent - as in bathwater]. So if you have a certain amount of bladder control the flipflow valve is a good idea. lf you have know control - then you can always use a drainage bag - some are small enough not to be noticed under your ‘cozzy’. Now Speedos - budgie smugglers - you would have difficulty in hiding it. l have a two-piece - and the bottoms are like shorts - and are very ‘concealing’.

lt just depends how ‘guilty’ you would feel about peeing in the pool. You certainly would not be the only one!!! Alas. And when you get out of the pool with water dripping off you - nobody is going to know if you have wet yourself.

Thats life.