feeling yuk.

I am not too clued up on M.S symptoms as I was due to start sessions last night on being diagnosed with M.S but I wasn’t well and I didn’t go, whether I over did it at Aqua Physio or whether its the new M.S tablets Tecfidera or whether I may be suffering from Fatigue??. I’ve had a dreadful cold like virus for 3/4 weeks now and had a cold sore on my top lip…helpful not… when you have to keep blowing a tap for a nose. Today, I have no energy, everything is a complete struggle - I couldn’t face going to work. I went back to bed, thinking this would help, had a shower to freshen me up but no, I have since become teary and this is so not like me. I can’t even put my finger on why I feel so yuk. I know I am struggling to come to terms with the after effects of my last relapse which was in nov, partial paralysis on left hand and arm, I have days where I struggle to get up the stairs and walking. Just finished last aqua physio to try and help…just highlighted the fact that even when my head says yep I am a good swimmer or I can do that, the good olde body says guess what - ya can’t anymore. That I am still not able to go back to work to my normal hours. Is what I am feeling normal, has anyone else felt like this, will things ever get back to normal? is there a light at the end of this rather long tunnel?

hi arti

give yourself a break!

the cold will have wreaked havoc with your ms.

it sounds like you are very recently diagnosed.

tecfidera is a brilliant medication but it is so powerful it can leave you feeling rough.

i feel like a wet rag some days.

it is possible to get back to almost where you were but it takes a lot of work and determination.

don’t be in a rush to go back to your normal hours at work.

however don’t take reduced hours just yet because if you end up being medically retired the last salary is the one which your pension will be based on.

that you really need to do is rest, rest and rest some more.

you are shell shocked by it all so hibernate for a few days.

take care of yourself

carole x

Thanks Carole X

I went to see my GP as I was at the end of my tether yesterday what with being teary etc. I’ve been told the same advise as you. :slight_smile:

I was originally diagnosed in 2012 by one hospital but they failed me so I went through the diagnosis process again but inbetween this I had a major relapse…well Consultant has advised i’m still in it from Nov. I will rest up, hopefully I will start feeling more like me. I didn’t realise it would be a slow process

I guess this is a learning curve and the sooner I get my head around things the easier it’ll become.

Stella x