Feeling useless. Sorry.

I try not to moan. But currently I’m 31, sleeping odd hours, barely seeing my beautiful kids and husband. I’m feeling blooming miserable. My first words upon diagnosis in April 2018 were, “thank god its just MS.” I’ve continued to feel that way ever since. Until now. I feel like I’m totally pointless within my home. Can’t do school runs. Can’t cook. Can’t clean. Can’t volunteer currently (i volunteer with Samaritans and Bookmark usually.) I see nobody. Speak to nobody and feel like I’m invisible to the world. I don’t feel part of society in the slightest. I am on ocrevus infusions. Had infusion 2 in September. But been horrifically sleepy since last Halloween. Help :broken_heart::sob:

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I am sorry. That sounds really tough. I wish that life was a bit kinder to you.

Hi TheNerve. A possibly very dumb question from me but when you say you can’t cook etc is this because of the ways in which the MS is affecting you or the ‘horrific sleepiness’ from Ocrevus?