Feeling strange in my chest

I was hoping for a little bit of feedback/re-assurance - I’m feeling all a bit jaded. About two months ago I started getting some very bizarre feeling my chest that made me dizzy and disorientated and extrememley ANXIOUS. I feel as though my lungs aren’t getting enough air. I have had this feeling for 2 months and it is becoming more frequent… When explaining it to my colleagues they said it sound like a panic attack but I have never had one before so I don’t know however the fact is can last all day makes me doubt that it is a panic attack. I am in limbo land with my diagnosis until ‘another episode’ and the only medication I take is pregabalin for neurothapy pain. Just wondered if anyone has anything similar or can advice me Thanks in advance

How does exercise affect it? I have breathing problems my dr said it can be ms because it might be the muscles of the lungs being affected. Sure way to confirm is if it worsens with exercise it can’t be a panic attack.


Do you have an MS nurse? If so, run it by her/him to see what they think.

If it feels like your chest muscles are squeezing tightly, it could be the MS ‘hug’.

I don’t think your work colleagues are the best people to ask (unless you’re a nurse!)

If you don’t have an MS nurse, try getting an appointment with your neurologist. It could be that this is a second ‘episode’.


My colleagues are theatre nurses but they do not know about my potential diagnosis. I don’t think it is an ms hug because from what I have read those are painful. This is not painful it just feels weird and I don’t like it. Sorry I can’t explain it better. I do not have an ms nurse, I suppose I could email my neurologist but I don’t want to waste his precious time. I will see if anyone else on this forum can shed some light otherwise I will email him… Thanks for suggestion

What about ur gp? He might know something