Weird Feelings

Hi all,

Don’t know if any of you have experienced this but went out to the shops earlier today and had the wierdist horrible feelings. My chest and stomach went all tight and I went light headed and my breathing became awkward, I thought I was going to pass out. Was not bothered by anything at the time, in fact felt better than for somedays. Still a bit shaky 3 hours later but calmed a little now. Don’t think it was a panic attack but felt very vulnerable. Don’t want that to happen again any time soon! A bit worried that it may not have been in the MS??

Hmmm, how frightening. I have to say it does sound like an anxiety attack. And just because there was no fearful situation at the time doesn’t mean it can’t happen. As someone who has suffered with a panic disorder for years, these things have a habit of rearing their head when you least expect it. I have had panic attacks while I’ve been comfortably sitting watching TV. Take it easy and see if it happens again. It might just be a one off. X

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Hi lisaC

Thanks for your comments, whenever something happens that scares a little it’s good to get feedback. I don’t usually panic but over the past few years I have found it harder to come to terms with my MS, even though I’ve had it 16 years. It hasn’t got any easier when something different happens and I suppose I am getting more pessimistic and probably writing end results before they have happened?? It’s very hard isn’t it!!


you can also have panic attacks caused by a lesion on the part of the brain that deals with emotions,i get these every now and then,they come like a bolt out of the blue,and mine are very severe,making me feel as though i am dying.

Hi mrsJ

How on earth do you cope with something like that? I think it would tip me over the edge if I got it that severe! That would definitely send me into a panic. I find it astounding the number of different personal things that affect people with MS in their own unique and very individual ways. It’s a wonder we aren’t all bonkers having to put up with it!!


Hi Steve,i cope with it simply because i have to, i have no choice in the matter,its not easy at all,but like a lot of symptoms you just have to hope it will go off.

Thanks for that mrsJ. I take my hat off to you and everyone who puts up the severity of what they encounter.