Feeling Slow and Fumbling

Hello everyone

this is my second topic on this forum, trying to keep myself occupied while I wait for my private neurologist appointment at the end of november. I am absolutely going crazy and paying more attention to my body than ever, and obsessing over every little thing I notice.

My gp has specifically said it may be MS due to dizziness, off balance, hyper reflexes, including those “indicative” of ms, tingling, brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, heavy limbs and word jumbling.

i’ve had all these problems many years now, they sort of peak then get a little better but never go away completely.

of all the above the main ‘symptom’ that is bothering me the most is a lot of the time it feels like my hands won’t co-operate, as in i fumble quite a lot, my hands have episodes of the slight shakes, and it seems to act up when I’m actively using my hands.arms and legs constantly feel heavy. i can tell my overall movement and speed has slowed, even tying my shoes takes me a while i struggle a lot with using my hands for little things.

also since the beginning of the year people quite often ask me to repeat myself. I know what i want to say but i really have to concentrate while talking other wise the words come out all jumbled or I say the opposite of what I mean, eg instead of saying I’m hot I’ll say “I’m cold”.

does this sound like ms? I’m getting a bit worried thanks to my gp and have 12 whole weeks to wait for my neuro appt. what if he brushes me off? what testing should I ask for, no mention as yet of an mri.

many thanks for any advice

hi katina

we all have different experiences of ms.

my fumbling only started this year although i was diagnosed in 2008.

my early symptom was a tendency to throw things! - involuntary jerks of my right hand,

it sounds definitely like a neurological problem.

i am not qualified to say whether it is ms.

the neuro won’t brush you off, after all you are paying him.

focus on the avoidance of stress because that makes everything worse.

good luck

carole x

Hi Katina

I’m surprised that you’ve got to wait till the end of November before your neurologist appointment, what is the NHS waiting list like if the private appointment is this far ahead.

It does sound like MS is a possibility. But then lots of things also present with symptoms like MS, so it’s a wait and see game, I’m afraid. And even when you’ve had your appointment, you’ll probably still have to wait for tests.

It’s probably not going to be a question of what tests you need to ask for, it depends on what the neuro thinks of your symptoms and what tests he/she wants to have done.

What you may consider doing now though, is starting to keep a diary of your symptoms, not necessarily a daily thing, but just so you can give the doctor an overview of what’s happened, how long it’s lasted and how things change for you over time.


Hi Katina, I know it’s been a while since you posted this. Your post is the only thing I’ve seen on the internet that sounds exactly like what I am experiencing… Fumbling hands, dropping everything and that’s the most noticeable change, heavy legs, heavy cloudy head, dizziness, fumbling on words and heavy swallowing is mild but noticeable. Everything takes more effort. I’m sorry you had to wait so long to see someone. I’m alsi playing that game. I was wondering if you ever got any answers about your symptoms? Hope you are feeling well. Thank you. Cin