Feeling rubbish

Just pouring out my frustrations...

Have had a rubbish weekend, so weak and tired, lots and lots of spasms and jerks. Left of my head still very strange, not exactly pain, more of an odd pressure with occasional stabs of pain and the skin feels creepy all over that side of the head, pulsing in ear and tingling in the face. Plus everything hurts - my left ribs, neck, ankles.

Moan moan moan....sorry! 


Acckkk, youmust be soo fed up...

Are you seeing anyone about these symptoms.  Good idea to keepa record, like a day to day diary of what you're feeling.  I did that and when I got to see a consultant having those notes really helped move things on!





Have had a little bit of a meltdown: the 'why me?' tears. I couldn't get to my daughter's dance show and felt sorry for myself in this ridiculous, surreal situation. It's not just a list of potential symptoms, I'm truly not well. Will smile again tomorrow. In the meantime wine helps blush

Hi debc

Hope you're feeling a bit better since yesterday.  Tears are OK - the tension release that comes with it can be good for you.

The good thing about feeling bad is that you know it only gets better from there. "Hang tough" as one of my kids said to me recently!

All the best


As an aside, I thought I had Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) for a while until I was dx'd, and they have a great acronym for GBS which is Getting Better Slowly, which is really cool.  Does anyone think there's anything similar that us MS types should have to spur us on?

Beginning to think I'm about to walk out of Relapse Avenue into Remission Road thumbsup


Hmm, an acronym for MS? Let's play a positive/negative MS acronym game....

My ideas:

Negative = Moving Slowly, Muscle Spasms, Mental Silliness

Positive = Mustering Strength, Managing Superbly


will start a new post!