Feeling rubbish today


I am awaiting an MRI of my head (September 26th) to see if the numbness I’ve been suffering for the last year in my left leg/foot has a central cause or if it’s more likely just a damaged nerve.
The past few days I’ve been suffering with one of my regular kidney infections (I get 3 or 4 a year), and been feeling extra tired (I usually have some level of fatigue) with more muscle twitches in my legs than usual. The worst symptom I have currently is a horrible feeling all round my ribs, and I’m thinking it does sound quite a lot like the MS ‘Hug’. I feel as though someone has tightened a belt around my ribs and is pulling on it really hard. I can just about breathe normally, possibly a bit shallower than usual to prevent the pain being worse (feels like the muscles in my ribs are really achey or bruised). I have had a similar feeling to this over the past few months, but this has lasted a few days now and is the worst it’s been. I am in a lot of pain, even after taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Does this sound like MS Hug (I know nobody can say for definite, and I am awaiting tests to look into causes like MS)? Do things like infections make you more likely to experience such symptoms (if you have MS)? Or is it more likely radiating pain from my kidneys?

I will point out (may be totally irrelevant) that these kidney infections I get seem to have all the symptoms, but don’t respond well to antibiotics. On a dip test I tend to have blood and leukocytes in my urine but when they send it to the lab they never seem to isolate an infection. The last one I had in March had me in hospital for a few days and they still didn’t know for definite it was a kidney infection.


Hi Rach

Am really sorry to hear that you are feeling so rubbish at the moment. Its horrible isnt it all this waiting and wondering whats wrong with us.

Im not diagnosed either yet so cant comment on the MS hug, but just wanted to offer you support and a big ((((hug))))

Take care

Paula xx

It does sound like the hug, but there may be other causes so you should really get it checked out, just in case.

Infections can cause neurological symptoms to get worse temporarily (they usually improve when the infection goes), so with any luck the latest batch of antibiotics will do the trick and your symptoms will get better too.

Btw, normal painkillers and anti-inflammatories won’t do much for the hug. You could try heat, loose clothing (ditch your bra!) and relaxation techniques - I’m sure I’ve read on Everyday Living that there are breathing exercises that can help too, but I’m afraid I don’t know anything about them. Might be worth a google though!

Karen x

Thank you both, I’m back in the doctors on Thursday and I’ll mention it. The bra was taken off yesterday, and being off sick I’ll not be wearing it until I’m better!

I try not to think about it all so much, I’ve been through all kinds of tests for fatigue etc over the last 9 years and not much ever came back to explain things, so I expect this to be the same, while at the same time I am kind of preparing myself. Today however I couldn’t not think about it.

((((Hugs)))) to you too Paula (nice ones, not this evil crushing pain!) hope you can find some answers soon.

Rach x

Another quick question please, do I have to be careful with heat (assuming it is MS)? I thought heat can make you worse. I’m still in agony with this (it did ease off last night a little, but has hit me again with a vengeance today) and my left thumb feels like someone keeps putting a needle under the nail, like a throbbing stabbing pain. I have some heat pads somewhere but I can’t find them!

Rach x