feeling down

hi everyone

i have been a stranger to posting here for a long while but look in often. theres lots of new names.

feel low today. have had some trouble with my eyes these last few months which at this time has not been seen as ms related.

the pressures in both eyes has been found to be a little high and the opthamologist is sending me to have some lazer eye treatment to avoid a form of glaucoma.[ acute angle closure]

the original complaint,pain over my eye when i shed tears is still to be investigated. the op has told me i have an enlarged lacrimonal gland.

weird to think that its 2 years almost to day i was dx,i have been so lucky so far with my ms ,i really have.

its my birthday tomorrow and i hope to not feel like this as im sure all around expect et to be my usual bubbly positive self,

regards to all and take care

sorry for outburst


I just wrote you a long reply and then deleted it by mistake, I keep doing it! Any way I was probably going on too much

I afraid I can’t write it all again, my typing skills are poor at best of times but today typing is even more laborious than usual. So I’ll condense it.

So sorry that you’re having trouble with your eye, must be very worrying for you. At least its been caught early enough to treat.

As far as tomorrow is concerned, it’s another day. By worrying about it you’re already make in to a difficult day, and who knows, it may even lift your mood for a short while.

You don’t say who you will have around you tomorrow but if it’s family let them know that you’re feeling low. The ones who care will stay and make you smile and let you cry if you want to. The ones who don’t care enough will make their excuses and not stay long!

If it’s work colleagues, they’ll have to take you as you are, you don’t owe it to anyone to be cheerful for their benefit! As the song says “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”

I hope that tomorrow will be a nice day and someone will lift your spirits a little but I’m sure you’ll Wake-up not feeling as low as you do now. I mean, will there be cake or chocolates? Surely that’s got to a positive, hasn’t it?

Happy birthday for tomorrow! x

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Ah Kim, it`s a shame you dont feel your best, especially for your birthday…just relaised…your birthday IS today!

So how is it going?

I wonder if it being the anniversary of your diagnosis isnt helping…thinking too much perhaps!

I can over think stuff…too much time to dwell!

Hope it isnt such a bad day.






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Happy birthday Kim ! Xxx

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thanku for your support, my partner took me to the beach today and we had a lovely lunch and a couple of white wine spritzers

thanks kim x

sounds lovely!


Hi Kim glad your enjoyed your birhtday I must say your were lucky to get to the beach it has been very cold and windy here (northern pennines) for days in fact yesterday Hubby walked the dogs it was closer to kite flying and me I wandered behind as usual and our staffie cross ( alsation x staffie larger than staffie with humungus ears ) scared the life out of some hikers we met by making his excited chicken noise at them they deffinately speeded up!!! Hope you begin to feel a bit more up beat Sue