feeling crappy

Lifes doing me well at the moment. Found out im gunna be a daddy just before i started my tysabri just having 1 of them days feel like i could cry for ever but i dont know why… its not like thers something on my mind i just feel like crying loads but i dont know why :confused:

Hi Martin,

First let me congratulate you and your partner; if it’s your first it’s great and don’t let these women tell you about the pain. In fact the only pain I felt was when she squeezed my hand during childbirth; momentary but you soon get over it! lol.

As far as your crying is concerned it’s far from unusual. You probably have a lesion/s in the brain that affect emotions and your good news is probably making you think; what does the future hold; will I be able to play football with my child and many other questions.

The answer is of course you are; it’s 25% of PwMS end up in a wheelchair after 15 years so that means 75% do not. As you said your lucks in a present and statistics say it will more than likely stay that way.

I must have watched the ‘Thorn Birds’ three times but end up in floods of tears; mind you I’m a woozy.