Feeling a bit scared


I’ve been diagnosed with RRMS last November after having trouble with my left leg for years which I thought was due to back injury. Anyway, then my right arm and hand ‘went on strike’ since last May/June. My arm and hand have recovered quite a lot since then but I’ve noticed that over the past few months I seem to have just generally gone down hill. I can’t point my fnger at any particular event or experience and say that I’ve had ‘x’ symptoms since a paticular time; its more like I just find it harder to walk; it takes me a lot longer to do ordinary things like cook or work on the computer etc and everything just takes a lot more energy. My legs and arms are heavy and tired, yet I can manage to do all I need to do by putting much much more effort and energy into it. Anyone else out there feel the same? I’m on amitriptyline and copaxone and wonder if maybe this could be the way my body is reacting to putting these chemicals into my system?

Thank you for reading my concern.

Hi Anon,

My symptoms tend to be the same but I’m not on any drugs. Its almost like things get worse very slowly and then get better very slowly. I’ve just started to be able to run again (ok very slow jog and only for 1 minute at a time) which I was not able to do for the last 6 months.

All I can suggest hun is that you speak to your GP or MS nurse if you have concerns about the medication you are on.

Take care

JBK xx

Thanks JBK! Well done for getting back into the running!

all the best