Feeling a bit low

Hi everyone im new to this so bare with me please . I got diagnosed 4 days before my 30th birthday ( 4 months ago) . The last 2 weeks or so I’ve started feeling really anxious and I’ve started some medication for my fatigue. I’m trying to keep going for the sake of my 15 month old little boy who’s very active. I’m struggling to talk to people so I joined this forum just to chat to people xx

hi kitty

welcome to these boards.

ms is a git of a disease as it has no respect for your needs, hopes, ambitions.

but we fight through as best we can.

my gp became my best friend in the early days. although gps can’t prescribe any ms drugs, they can help with symptom management.

hope the meds help and so you can enjoy your little boy.

be kind to yourself, be strong, rest well and come back stronger.

carole xx

Hello kitty Welcome and sorry this poxy disease has got you to. I have an 19 month old so can relate hope you have support and getting plenty of sleep Pen xx

Hello Kitty and welcome to the forum. You will find really kind and helpful people on here. It’s no wonder you are feeling down at the moment it’s a hard blow to come to terms with. It does get easier but at first your emotions will be all over the place. Any questions you want answered someone on here will be able to help or advise. Don’t be scared to ask anything. I hope things will become easier for you once you have had a good chat with a relative or understanding friend. Remember you are not alone.



Hi Kitty and welcome

I have huge respect for MSers who are parents of young children. I need more sleep than a toddler these days so I know I wouldn’t have been able to cope if I had been diagnosed when my son was very young (he’s 21 tomorrow - eek!!). Just keep reminding yourself how strong you are to cope with all this rubbish condition. I hope you have a good support network of friends and relatives who can help with your little boy sometimes just to give you a well earned rest. I am still learning to ask for help when the fatigue hits but I am getting better at it as I know if I keep struggling on, things just get worse until I need a couple of days in bed.

This forum is a blessing for keeping our sanity. Keep coming on here for support and a rant or moan whenever you need to. There’s always a friendly ear who will understand what you’re going through. Take care

Tracey x

Hi Kitty,

I was diagnosed 18 years ago with RRMS just after my 30th birthday. I had a 3 year old and 15 month old so I understand how daunting it is for you. I was actually living abroad but came back to Uk for diagnosis. I remember feeling very confused and unsure of things. However you learn to cope and you will cope. Hopefully you have some support from family a GP and you should also get to see a neuro and MS nurse who will help you with symptom management and disease modifying drugs if you are RRMS. Things have moved on in MS treatment since I was diagnosed and there are more options for you to consider with the healthcare professionals. 18 years on my kids are now 19 and 21, I am still RRMS and inject with copaxone DMD daily. I still work part time, drive and do most things that I used to do in my twenties. Yes I get tired more easily and walk more slowly but as yet I don’t need any walking aids. Take things slowly for the time being,enjoy being a mum to your little one, join mum and toddler groups if they are near by.As others have said this forum is a great place for advice and friendship.

Take care


Thank u for everyone’s lovely messages it’s so nice having people to talk to who know all about Ms . I’m feeling better just my wrist is sore and feels weak ( like its sprained) and my fingers feel stiff . Xx

Kitty - it’s the nature of this beast, it can give us the funniest pain and feelings at times plus bring us down, but with medical help we can climb over it and kick it into touch for a while…

Hi kitty. I have RRMS and have an 8 month old who is crawling about everywhere so i’m shattered! Just one thought, be careful your meds aren’t making you feel anxious. Talk to your neuro about it and see what he/she says. I do know that some have anxiety/depression as side effects. Take good care and enjoy your 15 month old xx

Hi Kitty, welcome to the world of MS. I admire anyone who has young children with this condition. Make sure you listen to your body and take any help you can. Come on to these boards anytime you need to rant, vent, laugh, cry, need an understanding ear. We all understand because we are living it as well. Linda x

Welcome I find this forumn really good for support. You can ask any questions you like and you will receive supportive replies and help to try to distinguish whether what you are experiencing could be related to the MS or possibly not. Take care of yourself