feelin low - an MS thing?


Just needed to know if feelin low is a symptom of ms? im really struggling with it at mo and cant seem to shift it. hate feelin like this as mornally positive person. normally dont let ms get in way of me goin out and being with other people but cant seem to want to be around other people at mo and i no this adds to depression. the time of year isnt helpin either i no. so wonderin if there is mayb somethin that i could add to my diet at mo that might help? somebody suggested before i think that maybe vitamin d might help in winter darker days? thinkin could it be this? i usually am the one who takes control over feelings and am straight on bus off to town on scooter and just being part of life but lately i just cant be bothered. ty Anon x

Hi anon

I think it’s very common for us to feel low, and also very common for anyone to feel low at this time of year when there’s less light (getting a light box might help). Something I need to remember to do is to acknowledge how I’m feeling.The temptation is always to avoid & suppress uncomfortable feelings, but I know that doesn’t help in the long run. I’ve been practising mindfulness meditation which helps with this, just noticing how I feel without judging it as good or bad.

Other things that would help are to be thankful regularly. And alsomake sure you regularly do things that you know will energise you or nourish you. I used to keep a diary every day where i’d write down the things that felt good for my soul & energised me, and also write down the things that I felt drained me. Over time it was the same sorts of things that would come up in both lists. So I know thatjust watching telly all the time isn’t good for me & leaves me feeling empty. But connecting with nature somehow is always very comforting.

Hope that helps a bit.


It can be tough for us MSer’s, mainly centred in the Northern hemisphere, at thei time of the year, as the lack of sunlight can make us feel down and MS, they say, can affect the “happy” part of the brain…don’t be ashamed to go to your gp and ask for help or pointed in the proper direction, even through your MS nurse. MS is bad enough, without being depressed…