.......Feel like I'm wishing my life away! :0(

Hi everyone…I’m a very scared newbie to the forum and a little bit unsure of what is happening to me at the moment!

Just over a month ago I went into hospital for an operation for a routine shoulder op with General anaesthetic and a nerve block and since then things have gone from bad to worse! :0(

Since I dislocated my shoulder 3 years ago, I have had problems with my right arm, which I put down to nerve damage but, since the operation I have had problems with my balance, eyesight, headaches,high blood pressure, dizziness and tingling all over my body and to be honest, I’m petrified.

I’m 36 years old, apart from the tingling in my arm, have never experienced anything like this before and don’t understand it. My GP referred me to the hospital informing me that I was showing MS symptoms which scared me to death. I spent a whole day in hospital being poked and prodded and had my bloods tested but was told that the doctors could not find anything significantly wrong. I was sent home with a 3 week course of aspirin and told that I would be sent a neurologists appointment in due course.

I have an appointment with the optician tomorrow, I know I’m really jumping the gun but I also know something is wrong. I’m not a hypochondriac, I’m hardly ever ill. I’ve been in hospital for the birth of my son and last saw my doctor in 2009. I have zero patience and from what I’ve read from ‘Dr Google’ diagnosis can take ages. Because people around me, can’t see the symptoms, they think I’m fine but the dizziness and pins and needles is driving me crazy!!

Apologies for the rant!!!


Welcome to the forum! Waiting for for appointments is a pain! I was told at the begining of June my appointment would be at the end of August - so an element of wishing the summer away!

This is the right place to offload. Neuro-symptoms can be isolating, we’ve been there.

Best wishes.

Hi Beth

Welcome to the forum. Just wanting to know is the most frustratng place to be isn’t it.

I was so glad when I found this forum that it is refered to as limboland which sums it up perfectly.