Neurology appointment tomorrow........Help!!!

Hi everyone…I’m in need of advice…

I don’t want to come across as someone who has Health Anxiety but I know this is how this is going to read!!!

About 9 weeks ago, I had a shoulder op and then 2 days later had some problems with my eye…struggling to open it in the morning and some vision change…I also had some dizziness and balance issues (all these symptoms still remain)

Went to the optician - given a diagnosis of slight dry eye and short sightedness…no sigh of O.N…Went to the doctors…did a basic neurological test and said I was okay. Obviously symptoms remained and I went to Dr Google…A few days later, I had tight muscles in my legs and pins and needles and numbness in my toes and fingers. This symptom has continued on and off for the last seven weeks.

I have now seen 4 doctors, 2 GPs and 2 acute Physicians had a full neurological examination etc and the doctors have told me MS does not present itself as my symptoms but everything I’ve read says it does!!! I’ve now been referred to a neurologist for ‘peace of mind’ !!!

I’m off work at present due to the dizziness/balance issues and don’t want tomorrow to be treated as if I’m going mad or if I’m depressed!!! Been offered anti depressants twice now!!! Any ideas how I should approach this…I’m just so sick of feeling rubbish and want to know what’s wrong with me :0(