feel like im going mad

hi ive been having symptoms for three years ive had 2 mri,s which have come back clear my doctors have now told me i will never get better and i should just get on with it they left me feeling like i was going mad. i know there are lots of people worse then me and i do try and get on with it but some days its so hard but i try not to complain these are some of my symptoms. Pins and needles in most places but not at same time numbess started on right side but over the years has spread to both sides. Tremors started in right arm but now have them in right leg head and jaw. i have a numb tongue. Pain in ribs and jaw sometimes i feel like im being crushed around the ribs. Spasms in right leg . The exhaustion i feel is the worse sypmtom because ive always been active. Feeling of liquid running down legs . Vibrations in spine. And my newest symptom is a weird feeling in head like a vibration it only last seconds but it makes my eyes go funny and leaves me of balance. I dont have these symptoms at the same time. Can anyone tell me if this sounds like ms my 2 mri have come back clear has anyone needed more then 2 mri to get diagnosed.


there have been people on here that have had to have lots of mri’s before something actually shows up so you’re not going mad at all.

sometimes the lesions are too small to be seen or can be hiding, there are a few reasons why they may not show up and its not good that the medical profession in general seem unable to offer any understanding for the predicament we find ourselves in.

ive been ill for 7 years and am still no closer to official diagnosis although i am no longer chasing for one as its very detrimental to my overall health but its taken me a long time to get to this stage so i do understand how you feel.

this site has been an absolute life saver for me and im sure you will find it helps you too, there is no where esle where you will be better understood.

im convinced its ms and thats what keeps me going, if i didnt believe that it was ms i would certainly be thinking of some kind of terminal disease as it feels like my body is slowly giving up on me and my symptoms are mild compared to a lot.

please believe in what your body is telling you and dont let others put you down, you are not going mad and the way you’re feeling is completely normal for anyone who is suffering.

try to get the support you need from here and get yourself in a good place emotionally before you continue to try for further investigations.

really hope you feel more positive soon.

best wishes

mandy xxxxx


I’m so glad to read these posts. After having many of the symptoms outlined by yourself I was recently sent for a brain scan that came back clear. For the last week or so I have really been beating myself up about this. I know the symptoms are real but it’s so difficult being in this position (as you well know) and telling others that your scan is clear, they just pesume that all is well then. I’m really struggling at work and have just put in a request to shorten my working week. I’m not due to see the neuro until March next year, so it looks like I’m in for a long wait.

Hope all goes well for you and you get some relief soon.

Take care


hi thanku mandy and sharon for replying hearing that there are other people who are going through the same thing as me does make me feel a bit more positive i know that i am not alone nor am i going mad. And i know exactly how you feel emmae because i dont look ill people find it hard to understand what im going though but everyday is a struggle i find work very hard even though i only work part time like you i really want a diagnosis to prove im not making it up. Best wishes to everyone louise xx