Feel like a fraud and it's all been in my head!

I’ve been back to being me since yesterday morning. I woke up feelin fab, was tired and fell asleep at 9pm and had a few odd pains, pins and needles that never go away anyway, but other than that I felt back to ‘normal’

beginning to wonder if it’s all in my head!!

oh and still keep losing my grip on things and not wobbley lol

Do you have a diagnosis? This is the conversation I have with myself daily and wonder if I’m imagining everything. Most of my ‘symptoms’ come and go other than pins and needles which are daily and my eyesight is blurry on a night. Atm I’m waiting for results which I may not get until my next neurology app in June. X

No not yet. I’m having a MRI in just over a week. I’ve seen 3 different doctors who all agree it seems I have ms. I’ve not seen a neurologist though. I have had a lot of aching and burning in my legs this evening as well as pain and pins and needles. Very tired too. Fell asleep waaay to early

I felt like a fraud for nineteen years!! (The stabbing pains are the constant reminder though) Still feel lucky tho

I’m still feeling ‘ok’

still have pins and needles and random stabbing pains, backache, slippery grip, tired and mobility problems, but other than that it’s been alright.

Well, MS is ‘all in one’s head’ mostly, isn’t it? All in one’s central nervous system, anyway and the greater part of that is stored in the old bonce. I know that’s not what you mean, of course - my point was simply that trouble is trouble, wherever it’s located and whatever it’s called. I hope you get a name for whatever is amiss soon, however. It matters much more than it should, really, naming something. But it does matter, no question.


I reckon I’m about 98% better now! So i feel even more like a fraud. I started slow release painkillers yesterday morning so I imagine it’s because of them. unless whatever was wrong with me has gone and gone for good. Finding out what that is most def matters

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Yep. Same here. I’ve felt like a fraud for years and years. I have constant pins and needles, strange pains and also experience tremor sometimes. Painted a fence panel on Sunday and had tremor for an hour or so after. Tonight I feel like my walking isn’t right - like I’m slightly drunk and shaky. taking vitamin D as my levels are rock bottom but apart from that my doctor isn’t really doing anything, I also noticed that when I have my period my symptoms get worse - is that an MS thing too?

I have read that it can be worse around the time of period