Feeling like a fraud.

I was diagnosed with MS in January of this year and so far (fingers crossed) I have had very few symptoms (left side of my face is numb and left hand has tremors and occasional grip problems) I find reading the information and stories on this site helpful, informative and on occasions, funny, but I am increasingly feeling that I don’t have the right to be here or any other MS site.My symptoms do not cause me difficulties in day to day life (except for the odd dropped thing or spilt/dribbled drink) and reading about the trials and tribulations of other people’s lives and the bravery they face them with makes me feel like a fraud.

Hi Hunter,

Please don’t feel like a fraud as that’s not true you have every right to be here like any of us as MS effects us all differently at different times and in different ways.

MS is unique to each individual, some may have more symptoms and some may not have many but it’s still MS.

This forum offers great support, information and advice and of course the occasional funny bits.

Hope to see you post some more.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Hunter, (unfortunately for you) you have every right in the world to be a member of this club that no-one wants to be a member of. I agree with everything you said about other people’s trials, tribulations and amazing bravery and I suspect I’m not alone. There are some truly inspirational folk using this forum and there’s so much that can be learnt, whether the knowledge gained is for now or the future. Not only that but any ‘down/why me’ moment can usually be helped by reading the humorous posts. I truly hope your MS symptoms stay as they are and if you have any questions/comments just post them on here. Tippy x


i concur with what others have said.

its not a competition!

you have a diagnosis-u are in the right place, unfortunately.


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Hello Hunter

I think we all feel a bit like that at the start of our MS journey. And I truly hope you remain relapse free and disability free.

Theres no prerequisite for being on this site. Many people are still awaiting any kind of a diagnosis and we are happy to have their company. As we are yours.

It’s a sod having MS, there’s no doubting that. And regardless of how lightly you are affected, you still have the MS beast sat on your shoulder, whispering in your ear ‘that could be …’, or ‘you might end up …’, or ‘what if …’! It’s a git that diagnosis, and the beast in your ear will make you doubt your own sanity at times.

Stay well, stay happy, don’t worry about the ‘what ifs’. Enjoy your relative health. Take a DMD (assuming you qualify), exercise, get and stay fit. And we’ll be happy to have your presence on the site.


Oi Hunter, get lost matey, go while you still can…but seriously, there’s not a starting or an end point (except the final one). Ive noticed that people seem to come and go in waves, I think as ms creeps up on some we all need answers and reassurance, and just to feel like we’re not alone. I haven’t been on for ages, nothing to say really, and have just been muddling on through. Also, early days after diagnosis, I couldn’t even face looking on the forum, the reality was too great. So please, come and visit or move in, whatever suits you. Hope your few symptoms are here for the long run, take care

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Hello Hunter and welcome. Everyone cares how you feel and you most certainly are not a fraud. I agree with what all the others have said and hope you will continue telling us when things are bad but also when things are good. Wishing you the best. Janet x