Am I going mad?


First time poster here, would first like to say hello to all, hope everybody is having a good day.

A bit of background, i hurt my back last Feb2014 in an accident at work, hospital said I had a bulging disc L2/3… no scans were taken.

Was off work for 3 months before I started another job. During this time i had acute back pain etc low mobility. I was on meds for the pain and went to work as soon as I was able.

Before I had back issue i have been bothered by a few little issues which i’d been to see the Dr about but this was always kind of overlooked or not looked into…

The issues were - none visable vibrations/tremors in feet and calfs, Dr said I had RLS, so i was ok, its never been painful just bothersome and more notable when lying down or resting.

Very sore ribs or should I say muscles in between ribs cage, this is notable when in bed try to sleep on side, had bloods taken for inflamation etc… test results back negative… no follow up.

Frequent Migraines - again no real help other than maybe to put me on beta blockers if they get more frequent which havn’t

Pain on or in scalp this is not very frequent put comes and goes is very sharp and feels like its on the scalp not inside. Again Dr a bit puzzle - no action taken.

Ok after the accident and the year up to now … this have progressed i have seen lots of specialist been to Physio, MKS cats, DR’s, Core Stability classes… Still no scans

Finally been refered to see a Neuro middle of July only 3 weeks left… Sometimes I have been feeling im going round the twist… then I lie still and listen to the body … no im not going mad … something is wrong …

A list of my symptoms

Lower back acute pain

upper back/neck acute pain

Thigh pain ache

muscle stiffness/pain in calfs

tremors in hands visible

tremors/vibration in feet/legs/arms/torso none visible

Visible muscle twitching/spasms

burning/crawling/pain in back of neck

pins and needles feet/toes/calfs/hands

numbness toes/patchs on legs/ends of finger tips

frequent headaches/migraines

balance issues/dizzyness/floaty/foggy

Vision blind spots/eye twitching/eye pain normally the left eye

painful scalp shooting pains normally on one side

chest pain/painful when lying on side very sharp/painful and laboured breathing

Sorry for the length … but I feel a bit lonely sometimes and its taken me all this time to finally talk to someone other than my wife about these issues. I take Tramadol 800mg a day, paracetamol, ibuprofen daily, fluxotine, have issues sleeping… im at my wits end… anybody else been in the same situation?

I am 43 years old

I have no answers or advice. I just wanted to send you gentle hugs and hope you get the help you need soon


thank you for the kind words


Found your post …and in answer no you are not going mad …I can relate to that feeling though and myself have had some of the symptoms you describe ( especially balance and tingling / crawling sensations ) . You may or may not have MS but clearly there is something not right .

Hopefully you will get some answers soon . I don,t know what area you are in and from my forum stalking it does seem like there is a bit of a Neuro lottery out there …however I have had a positive experience and can,t fault mine .

Had a long wait for appointment …g.p referred me end in October and first appointment was 19th May …he was very honest and said it could be MS and arranged full MRI with contrast , said that may or may not give me DX and possible I would need the dreaded L.P , but would phone me after scan with a plan …Had scan 11th June and he rang to confirm MS on 19 th June …so really quite quick . Already started steriods ( see my other post for update on that if u want )

So in answer no u r not going nuts and fingers crossed you will get answers very soon

Hope you are feeling a bit brighter today

Hi izzy

Thank you for the reply, im not 100% sure how I got to this point that MS could be a possibility, one problem I have found is when I have been to the Dr’s is that when I start saying i have been experiencing this and that they usually stop me and say lets deal with this first… so instead of looking at the bigger picture they look at one symptom and try to focus on that… its very frustrating.

Just to add a few more things in to the mix I left out yesterday from the symptoms… Fatigue and very poor spelling(something I have never had trouble with) even simple words just are not there!! same when im speaking, words just don’t come out or if they do their all messed up… I laugh sometimes because if i didn’t, well. I have to spell check everything I do. Maybe I’m just getting old.

have a great day

No you aren’t going mad at all. These symptoms may or may not be ms. Nothing to me screams ms, a neuro should be able to give you an opinion based on neuro examinations and possibly an mri.

Good luck, my app is monday ive been waiting 15 weeks!