Fatigue worse when I take time out!

Hi I’m in my early 30s, had MS for 7 years and it’s relatively mild. Not really suffered from fatigue before until recently. I’ve noticed this year that I feel knackered at the weekends when I slow down. So I work (full time) all week, can fit in daily gym/walking dogs fine, house chores etc. But come Saturday morning when I decide I’ll have a lie in and a relaxing day, the inactivity seems to drag me into complete fatigue. I have a much lazier weekend than I planned to have and my chores stack up! Last week my contract ended and I’m currently job hunting. I planned to use the time off to redecorate house and get loads of stuff done, but I’ve hardly done anything all week. I’ve needed an afternoon snooze every day (though I can never actually sleep duing the day). Does anyone else experience this? I thought having a regular rest would be good for my MS but part of me thinks I should try to push on being a busy bee as if I pause for a rest I seem to feel worse?

Hi, Fatigue is one of the worst symptoms, I always have a rest every afternoon otherwise I just cannot function and I think most people on here feel the same. Having said that everyone is different and are affected in different ways. If your body tells you to rest then I find it is the best thing to do, I always listen to what my body says as I know if I push myself to hard I suffer for it. Maybe as you are now finding you have more time on your hands that you are noticing the difference.

Hope this helps you.



I totally empathise, I like yourself, work full-time and am usually wacked, by the Weekends. I try to pace myself now, as I have been good for nothing, most weekends, clearly impacting on my family life. I was diagnosed with RRMS, in December 2010, so I guess it is early days.



Same here - I work full time in a school and mostly manage ok but come weekends or the holidays I’m to be found passed out on the bed or in the chair! I guess we’re lucky to be able to work, but I don’t get much of a social life these days! G x

Prior to dx I worked as an electrical engineer on several large sites. I would come home or back to hotel and fall fast asleep after food, having to put off evening meetings. I was the same at weekend -no time for kids as shattered even though I had beed away most of week. I got dx in may and the only difference is now I wfh when I can manage, stop when I want or not work when I need too. The re-invention of me as I had a severe relapse, which I have not recovered, as been great, I have time ow and no stress and pressure.


I have been questioning weather bouts of inactivety make me feel more tired, and symptoms seem worse.

I feel better if I can stay active, its just unfortunate that I have to rest occasionally.

Take care



i like mikes answer!

try not to think of ms pushing me out of doing anything.

you are making new choices re ur health-its a mind game! the mind is silly-u can convince yourself of owt-that includes the good!

ellie x

Hi, I don’t suffer from fatigue so can’t comment on that. My walking and balance are always poor , sometimes more so than others, however I manage my work, two children, all my household chores during the week but come the weekend, especially the Sunday morning long lie my walking and balance are at their worst. I do better when I stick to my routine, for me doing nothing makes me worse than doing things. I also think I benefit from the mindset that I have done it and this gives me a boost. So yes inactivity makes me worse, I have to just try to keep going. You would think a long lie on a Sunday morning would be that detrimental to my walking, after all it’s not like I stay in bed all day or anything, but, it certainly makes me worse. So, I try to stick to my routine cos it makes everything seem better. Cheryl:-)

Hi Claud,

It’s really strange you should mention this - I was only thinking yesterday ‘Why am I so knackered at weekends when I’m not at work?? I’m constantly fighting the need to just lay down!’. During the working week I get fatigued but not half as much as at weekends.

It’s almost as if, because you don’t have be somewhere for a specific time and motivate yourself that your body just wants to switch off.

What I can say is that I felt really fatigued today but I pushed myself to do some gentle exercise at the gym. I felt great afterwards but must admit now I feel quite tired in a different way if that makes sense.

Even people without MS tend to feel more tired when they’re relaxed - my friends and family often say that. It’s just that we have a double-whammy to deal with. :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks everyone for your replies. It seems there are others who also feel more tired the less they do! Yes Sboy I think you have a good point, I guess non ms people feel more tired when relaxing too. I think I need to give myself a kick up the bum and get more mentally motivated right now, getting moving may help with the fatigue. Alo with a bit of rest in between! Take care everyone X