Busy weekend

Hi all

quick question - I have had two very busy Saturdays these last couple of weekends. By Sunday I can hardly move symptoms seem so much worse and I just want to sleep all day. I have achy and heavy arms most of the time but after a busy day they seem so much worse than normal. I am seeing MS nurse next week so will mention it then, just asking on here for thoughts? Thanks

hi alberito

what you need is to learn fatigue management.

basically PACE YOURSELF!!!

if you know you are going to have a busy day on saturday, leave sunday free for recovery.

it’s a bum deal but that is ms!

your ms nurse may refer you to someone who can go through it with you.

it was an occupational therapist who explained to me.

carole x

Thanks for the reply Carole, Im not very good at pacing myself but guess I will have to learn! Maybe need to factor in an afternoon nap on a Saturday if possible. I have taken to falling asleep in front of TV in the evenings and not had a clue where I am or what is going on when a wake, really disorientated. Will take your advice on board.