Fatigue is kicking my bum and children way too excited for my current energy levels

Hi all,

hope you are having a lovely Xmas eve!!

ive been put on my bum by this ms fatigue lark for the last two weeks and I’m here to vent that I really cannot be bothered today and got a cooking marathon ahead for tomorrow!?!?!?

children are way too excited but not old enough to put that energy into and be trusted with veg prep etc!!

Baa humbug.

Hope ms fatigue decides to leave me as quick as it started and preferably any minute now.

any ideas how to give your self a kick up the bum would be much appreciated.

have a lovely day tomorrow what ever you are doing

louise xxxx

hiya louise

no idea what age ur kids are…

i am a single mum to 4-we had rice krispies for dinner one year! did the miss out?! nah-loved it-their pals still talk about it now cos they wanted to come to our house once folk knew what we had! and choc of course!

dont stress! it will be fine.

happy christmas!



Hi Ellie,

children are 9 and 13 one with autism and one with adhd life’s pretty complicated with those two lol.

they would sooo love rice crispie cakes but the mother in law will not be impressed lol.

just feeling a bit sorry for my self hate fatigue, roll on this time tomorrow when it’s done and I can get the cider out!!!

louise xxx


love that idea … F.A.B…rice krispies for lunch …lol … did put a smile on my face … louise 1975 , i wouldnt worry , it is what it is and if they dont like it …tuff … let them get on with the presents and just let them pick at bits and bobs … make sure YOU get the rest you need and take it easy

Have a great christmas and keep smiling …


Well the big child has prepped the sprouts and the small one has done some hoovering!!

ive been for a pint in the pub next door and having a much more positive moment!!

happy Christmas everyone xxxx

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hi louise,

i was about to reply to your original post but then saw #6.

good for you going for a pint in the pub.

lucky you having a pub next door!

carole x

Hi Carole,

sometimes it’s lucky to have a pub next door others it’s a really bad influence!! But we live it and can escape from time to time xxx

have an amazing day tomorrow xxx

Good on you louise1975 … have a great day

Thankyou xx and you x


I hope you have a great day and it is not too stressy.

When my 1000MPH family descend on us it is brilliant in 5 minute bursts, when I become overwhelmed, I lock myself in the loo where I have a crafty G&T, breathe deeply and the return to the fray. One day you will look back at this frenetic stuff and smile.

Sorry no helpful advice.

All the best


hiya louise just checking in and i see you are feeling a tad better-am glad. when i was diagnosed kids were 2 3 12 and 13. now eldest two have left home the 2 and are now 15 and 16 so slight change! today the 3 of us have been out for dinner-and tomorrow its choc, party food (stuck in oven by them cos i set myself on fire 3wks ago!) but they all still talk fondly of the rice krispie days! being happy is whats important and thats achieved and many different ways for us all. you have a great day-whatever you do! ellie


Hope you have the most brilliant chocolate and picky food Christmas Day ever.

feeling lots better today and the turkey is in!!

lots of love louise xxx

P.s hope you are ok after setting your self on fire!?!?!


Why cant your MIL pitch in and cook?

I think we can easily do without all the christmas food to be honest.

To me its just a Sunday with a chicken lol.

Buy prepared vegetables that saves a lot of time, and well yep prepared puddings and tinned custard.

My grandson is ADHD with a spectrum of autism and i taught him last year how to cook pastry and he made a fabulous apple pie and he was 13 then. He can cook now lots of things. Its good for ADHD kids to cook and learn to be honest.

anyway enough of this cooking malarky prepared veggies, microwave, get the kids to do the table and rope your MIL in and your husband.


I made mine yesterday for myself.

£2.50 for a chicken off Iceland, cooked in my halogen. Roast potatoes from aunt bessie and stuffing balls, took one hour 30 minutes, aunt bessie swede and carrot mash, frozen cauliflower cheese, and prepared brussel sprouts all cooked in microwave. I made enough for 2 days, had sunday dinner yesterday, and will have the other plate today for xmas with a bit of holly on top ha ha. Each plate of food cost me less then £1.50 a plate, and I used about 10 minutes of energy lol.

Remember its just one day.


hiya louise! clothes needed to be binned but i was unharmed, thankfully! been outside the church listening to songs this am! i knew that i couldnt get in before i went so was prepared in a waterproof! now watching knightrider and ‘kids’ lolling about on floor-all happy! hope you are have a great day! ellie x