Fatigue from hell

I now know what fatigue really feels like. It’s not just tiredness is it? Jeepers cripes and buckets of diddle - how do you shake yourself out of it? I’m not coping with it at all well.

It’s one of the worst I think I generally cave in and sleep or if not risk having more falls

Sleep is SO deep I can’t she myself out of it. I’m scared to go to sleep at night because it is far too deep.

this morning I only surfaced at 11 ish because my cat was miaowing at me to wake up. Hubby brought me a cuppa at 7.00am which is my normal waking up time but it was a blur. I couldn’t snap out of it.

I’ve been feeling heavy and yawning all day - but it isn’t tiredness. It’s very odd. I feel as though if I go to sleep I won’t wake up again. It’s quite frightening and it’s driving me nuts.

it really is the worst symptom.

physical pain is nasty but fatigue spoils everything.

and even when i’m wide awake i move so s l o w l y.

we just have to pace ourselves and know that if we overdo it today we’ll pay the price tomorrow and the day after and the day after that etc

Fatigue is a total ba$tard, I had no idea just how debilitating it is. As a youngster I had heard of “Yuppie flu” when describing the fatigue associated with ME and to my shame I thought “we all get tired, get a grip”

Sadly Florence, I have no pearls of wisdom to help, I tried a couple of medical treatments, (Modafinil - hard to get/expensive not brilliant for me & Ammantadine - easier & cheaper but even less effective for me) I won’t be so crass as to suggest breathing exercises because when I was hit by fatigue it was all I could do to keep any kind of breathing going.

All I can offer is empathy (not much use) and hope that your symptoms pass or reduce as soon as possible.

Good luck


Hi all

Sorry Florence to jump in on your post, but I have been wondering about fatigue and do I have it.

I’m always tired even on waking after sleeping like the dead all night, more tiret if if I’ve been awake for hours during the night ( sometimes I have wakeful nights for no reason even though I’m tired)

Is this fatigue or just tiredness, I have to push myself to do things, I feel like a slug. I just feel lazy and do I really need to do e.g. the washing up because everything is an effort. I look at myself in the mirror and l look tired, I have dark shadows. I feel I’ve had it for weeks, is it my imagination.


Hi, My fatigue is ruling my life at the moment. It’s pretty worrying my last two episodes resulting me falling asleep on a hot water bottle burning my back and the other I just fell of my sofa flat on my face on the carpet and blistered my nose and forehead . I could sleep all day and hope I feel better the next day but it does not work like that. I think I need to except my illness more:(

Sorry for stating the obvious but hey ho we all wish it was not happening.

Kind regards to you all.

Love Curly xxxx

Why do we refer to something which makes us feel extremely ill as ‘fatigue.’ There are no other conditions/illnesses where we hear of someone being ‘fatigued’ – (it’s strange how a certain ‘gentle’ vocabulary has developed around m.s. -e.g. ‘benign’ m.s, the m.s. ‘hug’)

To go back to the original post, you can’t “shake yourself out of it”. I start to feel snoozzy at @ 2pm and HAVE to go sleep. I mean situations have arisen where i have to push thru but by 3pm, eyes are gritty and brain ceases to function. I could not string a coherent sentence together.

Have to set an alarm to wake and luckily cuz of the layout of room, I have to physically get out of bed to stop it. At that point the bladder kicks in and says helloooooo. But don’t even talk to me before the cup of green tea. And that is my day on a plate for you.

You know I’d forgotten I’d posted this - I just found it and wondered what it was? Oh well!

I’ve felt good today - it goes up and down like a [removed by moderator] drawers doesn’t it!

Anyway, thank you all for your enlightening replies. The only comfort we can gain might be that it won’t kill us.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Nietzche, apparently. Deep stuff.

I had a friend once that read Neitzche. I’ve never understood why.


You know I’d forgotten I’d posted this - I just found it and wondered what it was? Oh well!

I’ve felt good today - it goes up and down like a [removed by moderator] drawers doesn’t it!

Anyway, thank you all for your enlightening replies. The only comfort we can gain might be that it won’t kill us.

[/quote] this post brought a smile to my face!

We had to visit some friends today… Guess what? Yep I fell asleep for an hour the wife was gutted but she knows I can’t help it, but she did say there was a bit of a conversation killer.

to the Moderator - see that ‘Florence’s’ post has been moderated - 5 letter word +s removed - come on! nothing wrong with that word nor the context in which it was used.

Hi. This is my first post so hope I’m doing it correctly. I need some advise pls. as I have to make a decision which DMD to go on. Have had MS for 10 years, got ignored and so just got on with it, until last year when I was beside myself with weird sensations and terrible fatigue. Anyway got to see a Neurologist and he prescribed Tecfidera which I started last weekend, but first tablet made my face feel like it was on fire and swell up, and because my tongue swelled up too I can’t take it. So options now are Caproxone, Extravia or Aubagio. I don’t like the look of any of them to be honest. Thanks


Can I suggest you repost your message under a New Thread? (See the button above the lists of ongoing threads.)

It’s easier to get relevant answers to questions where the title of the thread reflects your post.

Meanwhile, have you looked at your drug choices on

(And welcome to the forum.)


Thank you for your reply. It wasn’t my intention to post on this thread, just couldn’t work out how to do it. Thanks for the link :slight_smile: Still can’t decide if I want to take any drugs or not!!