Fatigue-How are you today

hi everyone

I thought maybe seeing as we all seem to get some type of fatigue it would be a good idea to share and describe how your feeling each day. Maybe we could learn from each other and maybe make our day a bit better.

My fatigue is at its worse and starts 10 minutes after climbing out of bed in the morning I manage to make breakfast of porridge with defrosted mixed fruits and a cuppa tea, then I sit and wait to feel better about an hour later before climbing in the shower,I rest a while before getting dressed. I start to feel better after lunch.How do I feel with fatigue? I feel ill!!


you just described my daily routine there ann!

it is definitely my worse symptom even worse than my legs and my bladder!

carole x

The fatigue is horrendous and really hard to cope with. I used to think the tiredness i experienced when working nights was bad but the fatigue i have now as took it to another level.

When i get up in the morning and go to the bathroom and walk downstairs i feel as if i have been up all night.

I think i am finally realising that i have to break my day down into small chunks to enable me to have some energy to do things.

I am rough today (still sitting around in a dressing-gown), but I know it’s at least partially self-inflicted, as I sat up all night Thursday to watch the election results. I hadn’t been going to - I thought I’d watch 'til about midnight (at the latest) and then go to bed. But of course, once I’d started, I was so gripped I couldn’t go to bed and just leave it. I should have known that would happen!

Luckily, I don’t work, so was able to spend most of Friday in bed. I had coffee and toast about 6:30 a.m, but didn’t know if it was breakfast or a super-late supper - then retired to bed.

Yesterday, despite not being fully back on track, I decided to go to a food festival in Bristol, which was more walking about than I’d normally do, and actually was a bit lame - unless you’re into paying £6 for a kebab, which you don’t even get to sit down to eat. So it took me about 20 minutes to walk round the lot, and decide it was all overpriced rubbish I didn’t particularly fancy.

I then walked to Marks and Spencer instead - another long walk - and believe me, their snacks and ready meals looked cheap compared to the street vendors I’d just seen, and they say M&S is expensive! So bought some groceries and a couple of (heavy!) bottles of plonk in there, and struggled back with it all on the train.

Missed the hourly train by so little it was still on the departure board as I got there, despite having already left, so had a whole hour to kill, which I spent in the station bar, trying to make one lukewarm and rather horrid G&T last the time.

Got home OK, and had a relatively early night, by my standards (despite being ill, I’m still largely nocturnal, and often a midnight or beyond person). Woke up this morning full of good intentions (like clean the house, revise my college work for a prize end-of-term quiz on Wednesday). Haven’t done any of it.

Have dossed around, listened to music, posted on a few forums, played some online games - that’s it.

About to return to bed to listen to Radio 4’s Classic Serial, but I usually nod off during that these days, unless it’s exceptionally gripping!

Also got a problem with a sore and weepy eye, which is nothing to do with MS (that anyone’s been able to establish), but is making me more tired and irritable.

All I know is it’s not an infection (been tested multiple times) or (that we know of) a rheumatology spectrum disorder, as I’ve had complete rheumatology screening - twice!

So a bit peed off I’ve got a depressing but unrelated thing on top of all the usual MS crap. It’s also affecting morale in another way, because I look so awful with a red, weepy eye. My MS is almost completely invisible - I tire quickly, and am noticeably apprehensive with balance, but otherwise you wouldn’t guess there’s a problem. But the eye makes it look as if I have rampant lurgy, much more than the MS ever has!



Lenney, has posted a link to Barts - re vitamin B1 being an answer to fatigue. l am still trying Biotin B7- with some success - but shall also look at B1 -

I’m feeling rubbish today. Like Tina, it’s mostly self inflicted as I went for a (for me) long walk yesterday with a friend. It was prob about 2.5 miles - and I was able to sit down a couple of times for a rest - but pooped today and can’t be bothered to do much at all!!!

Looking forward to what will hopefully be a bit better day tomorrow