Fatigue, CFS/ME

I’m pooped. Really, deeply tired. My arms feel like a wet muppet and I’m doing my best to pace…but it is so hard to quiet that monkey mind. You know how children go crazy at bedtime, burning off the last of their energy before dropping asleep in the blink of an eye? That’s what my brain seems to be trying to do. Napping is hard, so I alternate physical activity (conquering the washing up) with mental activity (posting this). Tinnitus robs ne if silence and as much as I know that I need to meditate, to just BE, it is hard.

I begin my CFS/ME group therapy in a month’s time, which is at least something. A little further on and I’ll be seeing a neurologist again and hopefully answering the question I keep asking myself, ‘Is this MS?’ That in itself is mentally and emotionally draining, but I can’t stop it echoing around my head.

So, I’ve accepted that I’m a ‘Spoonie’ but some days, I need company from others who really understand and I’m happy to do the same in return. How pooped are you?

Totally and utterly pooped too!

after a day of shivering with spine tingles and neck pain and then a lack of support from my younger brother I could do with sleep but my minds busy busy busy!!

thankfully the tingles appear to be giving me a break for a … Nope here they come again!! :-s

Yep, I’m with you there. Feeling the burn today after a busy week. I’m also back in limbo land, it’s very annoying but I’ve come to accept that I may never get a diagnosis, and they may never admit to putting me on medication that caused this damage in the first place : s

im going to finish dinner later and chill out for the evening. I remember when my kids were little and how much hard work it was! Never sitting down properly till 10 pm gone every day. Long days and very busy, so all I can advise is that you do just what you need to do. If you can get help, accept it. Rest when you can, it’s all you can do hunni.

I’ve got orthotics tomorrow, so I’m hoping that my left leg will be a lot easier to deal with once they’ve sorted it. Take care xx

I’m trying to rev myself up for putting littl’un to bed. She started an extra dance lesson today (yes, on a Sunday) and though it was nice to get a lift from my uncle and chat with a friend, it still broke up the one day I usually get to crash out (as much as parental responsibilities allow). ‘Puddytat’, have you tried meditation? Even just focussing more on your breath, or the sounds outside, or clouds passing by helps. I try to find these peaceful moments but monkey mind is playing up, teased into action by the various signals my body keeps ‘helpfully’ sending me. Like the unpleasant tingles. Beverly, I hope they can help sort you out a bit. Sorry you’re back in limbo but at least they’re doing something for you. Have a restful evening, everyone.