Fatigue after surgery

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS about 9 years ago, but my symptoms weren’t typical but at the time my legs wouldn’t function and walking was difficult. After about 6 months I was back to my normal really active self and was able to run half marathons, was a regular gym attender and worked in excess of 50 hrs per week as a nurse in A&E. My life has been full and I was looking fwd to the 10 year point when I could be classed as benign MS.

Sadly I was diagnosed with CA of the kidney which was an incidental find during scans taken for research purposes. I had surgery 4 weeks ago and a week after surgery from which I was recovering well I had the feeling in my brain which I had when I was first diagnosed. Felt a period of impending doom and was being “sucked” away from reality. Lasted about 1 min and following that episode my legs felt the same as they did when I was first diagnosed. (Sounds mad I know)

Has anyone else had surgery which triggered a relapse or do you think this could just be severe fatigue. And because I have MS I am taking longer to recover,

any thoughts or experiences to share


for sure having surgery wont make the m.s. improve! It’s very difficult to prove that m.s. can cause problems. slightly o/t - I’ve just seen the consultant re having an op (not m.s. related)and I asked if it might cause m.s. problems and consultant didn’t want to know about the m.s.

what was it you had? I dont understand CA of kidney? I know devilled kidney but not CA lol.

OK stress. you would have been stressed who wouldnt have going for surgery and this for sure can cause an EXACERBATION of your symptoms like a small pseudo relapse which resolves itself over time. I am sorry you have obviously been through the mill. I hope it all settles down soon. big hugs. xxx

I was badly affected badly affected by an operation for

Bladder and bowel prolapse,it knocked my m.s for 6months

After ward’s.consultant was not really interested in pain"oh"it will just be your operation. "It’s to be expected

I was diagnosed with with RRms in Sept 09. Prior to that, about a year & 3 months, I had abdominal surgery which involved a spell in intensive care…a very stressful time. I often wonder if my spell in hospital prior to my relapse…Exacerbated…my MS