surgery has it effected your ms

hi there i go in for surgery on tuesday for gall bladder removal.i am a bit worried if all the stress and surgery might trigger ms off and make me relapse as i,ve had silly things before that have triggered my ms to do a wobbly.anyone else had this done to them and were you ok afterwards.thanx

You must have your Gall Bladder done so unfortunately it’s a case of suck it and see. I was one of those lucky people who caught MRSA in a wound on my leg. Ended up after 4 ops with my leg amputated.

Over 12 years ago now; the operations were no problem.



Hi Hun, I had surgery July 2012 to remove a tumour from my saliva gland. Pretty tough surgery, and had complications with it afterwards which meant for nearly two weeks I had a drain in my face …obviously this was not comfortable and especially hard to sleep with it in…it was effectively a cannula in my face! As a result of this I did have two consecutive relapses about two months after…I do think it was down to this surgery but not sure if it was the actual surgery directly or the complications afterwards as this affected my sleep etc and I was a lil peed off too. As well as this we moved house about three weeks before my surgery so it could have been an accumulation of things. However you need it and you can only see…rest lots and listen to your body Hun. Hopefully you will be absolutely fine. Have to say that even if I had known I would have relapsed etc I would have still had the surgery as there was a risk the tumour could turn cancerous so it was the right thing to do. Good luck Hun xxxx

I had surgery in January and it didn’t affect my MS at all. The anaesthetist said the stress of an operation may cause a relapse but I didn’t get stressed about it so I was fine.

I had gone for my first routine breast screening in December and was called back for further tests. They were concerned about a small area of tissue about 1cm in diameter so I had a core biopsy. Although they said they didn’t think it was cancerous they wanted to remove the whole area to check it properly and be sure. So I had a full biopsy with wire guide. The following week they confirmed that it wasn’t cancerous which was a big relief. I just felt lucky the whole way through as they gave me the best care and it would not have been detected without routine screening. They said it was a radial scar which could have turned cancerous in future if left in situ so I’m just glad it was detected so early and now it has been removed there is no risk of that happening.

I suppose if you are a worrier you can’t help that but the more you can stay calm the better for you and your MS. I just kept thinking that until they told me the worst there wasn’t anything to worry about and let them do their job.

Tracey x


I have just had major surgery (2 weeks ago) and to was worried about the effect it may have on my MS. The surgeon and my Nurologist were not concerned about either MS or the surgery. When it came to discussing my surgery with the anaesthetist he was aware of the MS and the only change he made was to keep the operating theatre a little cooler than normal to prevent overheating which can aggravate MS.

Post surgery my MS symptons did not flare up at all and in fact a weeks forced bedrest in hospital may have helped the MS as I had to rest and not carry out normal day to day activities that cause my fatigue and walking dificulties.

Positive mental attitude helps

Good luck

Hi mistymoo ,

I had mine done about 3 years ago now , and like G says , sadly I didn’t have much choice about it , they were very good about listening to any concerns I had , and answering them well enough to minimise my worries, and the anaesthnetist came to see me, and reassure me just before the op

,after having a chat with my MS nurse , my daughter downloaded a form for me to fill in from the ms society ,

she then customised it to suit what I wanted to put , and I took it with me and handed it in to whoever I thought might find it useful, ( I had a few of them copied) , basically it was just who to contact if they wanted to ask anything , and about what symptoms I may experience whilst in there , and the drugs I take and when , (if I remember rightly )

eg , I can get swallowing difficulties , lose my voice ad lib , have to prop myself certain ways to lay down , etc etc , and the nurses said they found it useful , after asking them , I took my little 3 wheel mobility scooter in and kept it bedside , (which they didn’t mind ) very handy cause I was out of Hospital within 24 hours , and wouldn’t have escaped without my scooter LOL ,

I can’t remember the MS symptoms being any worse at the time either


I had major heart surgery in February & can’t believe it didn’t cause a flare up. My triggers seem to be viruses & infections mainly.

Good luck with your op.


when ever i have had anything done it takes me a little longer to recover if you keep that in mind you will be fine

Its just so different for everyone, surgery has never (touch wood) had an impact on my MS. My husband is the complete opposite, takes him ages to recover normally with a couple of relapses thrown in…

Good luck with your op, gall stones are no fun at all.