Fare thee well Alison RIPX

Attended my local MS group & learned another person I’d got to know, had passed.

She was 52, married & a mother of 2. Take care out there Alison.

3 weeks ago, I passed her a birthday cake.

Make the most of life folks.


Terry that’s sad , only 52 that’s the same age as me , was she really poorly? it’s often complications from other illness that affect people with ms . You seem to be making a big difference to people in the ms group , you are such a kind person looking out for others i bet they’d all miss you if you stopped going. Are you still hosing down your legs? , you need to in this heat. We’ve had some rain today and it’s been very welcome. Michelle and Frazer xx

I try my best to go around the whole group & get to know folks.

Alison was a lovely person & her mother who cared for her, shared her 80 th birthday, with her daughter on the same day.

Alisons mother still helps out at the group, in memory of her daughter now & because it’s been the routine for years.

They don’t like it when I talk about experimenting with healthy options & ditching medication.

Better the devil you know & all that tripe.

Alisons lungs gave up in the end because she couldn’t move. Not being able to move in this heat, can’t be good. I often joke about giving everyone a hose down. It goes down, like a led balloon.

There’s a few others ready to exit. It’s quite heart breaking. Seeing their struggles & issues. I can’t do too much, because I’m not that great myself. Cracking a joke & having a bit of banter seems to work for now. I’m still quite a newbie & don’t follow their rules.

Since the government has cut funding, raising the £120 a day to rent the hall, is a bit much. There’s a lot of frustrated carers & sufferers about.

As you can imagine, in this heat. Tempers are tested.

I sometimes can’t bare the atmosphere. We all feel off with MS.

Lemon cheese cake. Terry is keeping it real.


Oh Terry how sad, such a young age, my condolences to Alison’s family and friends.

Pam x

That’s no age,is it?! And with a young family too. Very sad.

It is sad Pam, but it highlights how devastating MS can be.

There are so many different avenues & causes of problems.

I feel for Alisons mother, husband & the children. A whole bunch of others too.

I could tell she was struggling & she often got upset, with frustration. People just put a brave face on things. We can’t just dwell on the circumstance. Life goes on. It is a wake up call though. To enjoy life & consider the problems MS causes.

MS isn’t great at all & I wish the best for all those affected by MS.

Take it easy folks.


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so sorry to hear this Terry

J x

So sorry to hear about your friend Terry, very sad news sending my condolences to her family.

R.I.P Alison you’re now at peace.

Twinkle Toes xx

So sorry to hear about your friend Terri, so sad for her family at such an early age.

Nina x

Very true Nina.

It will not be related to MS & directed at something else.

Being stuck in a wheelchair & getting no fresh air or exercise, will be the clinical cause.

She was angry & couldn’t speak to explain the truth.

I wont forget her. She was awesome!