Falling over ankles

Does anybody when walking, their ankle sort of give way and your foot goes on the side? This has been happeneing a lot lately I just thought it was me being clumsy, but it’s being to happen too often to be clumsy. I’m going to sprain my ankle if I carry on!!

Is this another crazy MS thing??

And walking into walls when I didn’t think I was anywhere near it!! Just done that in my local Asda…


With me it is an MS thing, no question. Crashing into walls also. It is amazing how a wall that is a safe distance away can be in one’s face, so to speak, so fast. Particularly at night, in my case, and even with no drink taken. Alison x

Together with the headache from hell you aint having much fun at the mo are you!!!

Take care


Yes to this for me too :frowning:

My left ankle’s been giving way for donkey’s years (started when I was about 19, right about the time I had my first weird vision experience).

I also have the problem with walls suddenly being in the wrong place - I mean, how on earth did they get there? I was going to miss them comfortably, but then I walloped into them - so they must have moved surely???

As far as with a drink goes - well - thank heavens I’ve never been caught on camera!!!

Karen x

Mine has done it since I was young (I certainly remember it happening a few times when I was 13, if not before), so I think for me it’s probably a ‘normal’ thing (weak ankles? I never did like PE!)

But another definite yes to the ‘walking into walls’ thing. I remember one particular time when I was walking along with a colleague and I walked smack into the doorframe, hard enough that I actually rebounded! It was more than a bit embarrassing!

Hi Jules

I too have had ankle problems for years… the most recent (apart from this past 6 months) was about 6 years ago when I was on holiday in Turkey (heat) with my girl friends. My ankle went under me, I fell off a kerb and broke my ankle. First day on holiday too. Holiday spent in plaster cast :frowning: not alot of fun really trying to go to the clubs on crutches! I thought my ankle problems of recent were all to do with that, but my neuro said it was probably to do with the neuro problems Ive been having (am undiagnosed yet).

I constantly do ‘sideways’ steps into doors, walls etc. and end up looking like a drunk staggering around :frowning: I now only really go out if someone is with me. I have a stick that I use when I am bad at home, but Im not confident to it enough to use it when Im out.

I hope you feel better soon


Hi, I do it when transferring sometimes. It`s caused by my weak muscles…plus the foot drop I expect.

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