another post about people who fake having ms reminded me about a bloke i worked with who was a proper skiver.

if anyone was off sick he’d ask them what they had been ill with.

we all knew that next week he’d have the same thing on his sick note.

he was not the brightest and one week he had a sick note with cerebral haemorrhoids!

piles of the brain?


Ha, ha!!! love that! xx

Guess his sick notes weren’t written by a gp then!


He may of been replicated by clones disease.

I’ve had that. It’s where someone with the same name as you, gets the same national insurance number & bank account.

Quite an odd illness. Especially when you have a twin sister. It’s like you were split at birth.

& when money goes missing from your bank, they disappear on holiday to Spain.

My family say I’ve got half a brain, it’s a good job I say! They can’t cope with 1/2 of me.


poppy - no his sick notes weren’t written by a GP they were self-certifying sick notes.

c x

OMG - He actually out a made up illness on a self cert, what an idiot!

The fakers are the cause of so much hate towards disabled people, they need some kind of take-down Ask for the definition of this illness in a team quiz or ask true/false questions with that as the only fake.

Sonia x

He is welcome to my MS and all the problems I get with it and I would go and do his work with a good body. Poor sausage you have to feel sorry for them.

I remember a girl at church who actually went through with a brain operation and she faked being ill they cut a 2 inch piece of scull out she was most odd, needless to say when it all came to light she left church.