Facial twitching


Ive been diagnosed with ms for 3 years now but only recently my left side of my face goes mad! When I smile only half works. These can last up to an hour at a time and is so embarrassing that I avoid going out as people can’t help but look. It started around 8 months ago with just my eye and now the whole thing goes and gets locked in a position that is far from comfortable. It’s increased the muscle on one side. Will this go on it’s own? It’s making me so down and my ms makes me so knackered all the time. Could this be down to lesions? Please give me some advice, I’m new so not sure how this forum works.

Hi Emma,

I don’t have that problem but I didn’t want to leave your question unanswered.

So I looked it up and found this written by a neurologist:-

" Facial weakness, numbness, spasms, palsy, pain, and the involuntary rapid flickering of facial muscles occurring on one side of the face, are all symptoms (but not very common) of multiple sclerosis. "

Do you have an MS nurse you could talk to.

It’s possible that facial massage might be helpful.

Best wishes,


Just my tuppence worth… I find when I’m over-tired my right eyelid starts twitching or flickering… I take that as a hint to stop whatever I’m doing and go to bed!