Facial twitches - symptom or not?


For a while, I thought I’d been experiencing seizures as it felt like my brain was twitching. Turns out it was my forehead. I know this because my eyes are it now, and my cheeks and sometimes my lips… I’ve looked online and it seems like some people with MS have it, but it can be a symptom of other things.

I was wondering how many people on here had experienced this? Have you found anything to help?

There’s a post a bit after this about eye twitches and I’ve had leg twitches. I think these are all results of MS damage to the nerve lining. It’s worth going to your GP to see if they have suggestions for things that could help.

I feel like Sid James in a Carry On film the way my eye twitches sometimes!!

Thanks :slight_smile: Do you know who started the other thread? I’ve searched but can’t find it x

I did and its called “its probably a silly question but…” :smiley:

It’s funny this has post appeared today as exactly one year ago today my first symptom was facial twitching - my right cheek was twitching and it was as though, when I smiled, one side of my face wouldn’t return to normal (if that makes sense!!!). This lasted for a while and at one point it looked as though half my face had dropped (I seriously thought I was having a stroke). I asked some work colleagues if they noticed the twitching and they said they couldn’t (they are nurses as well so I trust what they said). I was dx’d in June 2012 by one neurologist and a confirmed dx in December 2012 by my current neurologist following a lumbar puncture and further MRI scans.

Since then I tend to feel intermittent twitching above my right ear and on the right side of my mouth but nothing worrying. I guess it’s on of my MS symptoms.

Take care

Pen xx