Face and arm spasms

Hi everyone…i have recently been diagnosed rrms its been confirmed today(consultant thinks quite mild). Ive got some symptoms left from last relapse about a month ago im getting intermittent spasms in the left side of my face and down my right arm. I asked the consultant about meds but he feels i should see how things go as most of my other symptoms have subsided. Im happy to do this but they are quite frustrating particularly as im right handed and it looks like im winking and grimacing at people out and about! Does anyone else get this and how do you manage them please? Ive also got some tightness in my right hand but physio has given me some excersizes for that! Thanks Em

hi em

it is very early days for you so i’d suggest that you wait it out for a month or two.

keep your gp updated on your symptoms.

then ask for a re-referral if you feel the need to see the neuro again.

don’t worry what other people think of your winking and grimacing.

if they had what you have they’d be no better.

if you want DMDs then the neuro is the way to go.

also ask about an ms nurse.

carole x