Hello I’ve decided to post for some help. I have RR MS which I take aubagio for the last 3 years, I was diagnosed in August 2002. I have two children 11 and 6 who live with me as i divorced in 2015. Which was my decision!

Been under a bit of stress but all was good, until last Sunday my eyesight was effected. So thought bladder infection! Nope, so

nurse gave me steroids, which I finish today. My sight hasn’t improved. Im

not sure if this is optic neurosis as have never experienced before. My long distance isn’t very good at all, bit blurry, i use glasses for reading and seems to help…

But my question is will it improve, any tips are greatly received.

ive started oxygen therapy and meditation



Hi Raynor,

See optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia


Thank you George. It gives me hope!