Eye problem

Hello I have not been diagnosed yet I am waiting for my neuroligist appointment I have other symptoms that could be ms and now my eye keeps going blurred I also have had a headache on and off for two days. I only had my eyes tested 4 months ago I did get glasses but they no good now I failed my first field test but they did another during my eye test and they said I was fine but would call me back in 1 year for my eyes tested again. Has this happened to anyone else I have made a appointment with my GP but can’t get in till Friday please any advice but I cannot see a neuroligist private. X

Hiya Kaza,

First this will give you info about your first appointment; what the tests are and what they do; Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

You have possible got Optic Neuritis; optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

Your optician would not be able to see any fault as it’s probable a lesion on your Optic Nerve or in the Brain; only a Visual Evoked Potential would be able to detect this

Sorry for bombarding you with lots of info but your question does deserve a thorough answer and you must be careful when googling about; there’s some strange things out there.

The last thing is possible the most important. It could be you do not have MS; it’s only a possibility at the mo. Yes MS does cause headaches but there is a complaint that mimics MS symptoms but the headaches are far worse and can be constant. See

Not that we don’t want you here but you must get the right diagnosis; then the right medication.

Good luck.


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Hi Kaza

i’m still waiting for a dx. I have decided to take a plunge and go private for the first appointment but still have to wait 3 weeks. When I saw my GP today I told her that my eyesight seems to have got a lot worse and that at nights to read I have to close one eye as I have double vision. She says it is probably all linked to the same issue but to bring forward my next eye test.

Good luck with your journey. I think we might be on here for a while until we get answers.

Hi George

Thank you for all the information I have stayed off google as my GP told me it’s not good to look if I needed anything look on this site as I have. I’m on very strong painkillers which have numbed my headaches but not taken then away the blurred vision is only in one eye it’s horrible even watching TV people have 4 eyes I look at my hands and feel sick with the feeling I also have to be so careful on stairs as can’t see end of the stair. Phoned my GP surgery for sooner appointment but computers down so have to wait till Friday and hope appointments not cancelled.

Karen x

Hi angmw55

I hope you get some answers please let me know how you get on it think I have a long way to go yet before I get to see my neurologist but can’t go private. I fully understand what you saying about your eyes it’s not nice none of this is.

Good luck with your journey.

Karen x

Update with my eye problem

Saw my GP yesterday he referred me to the eye hospital urgently the saw me yesterday did usual tests but not the test to see if it was optic neuritis the tests i had was field test I didn’t do very well with my right eye the affected eye then the letters on the board then they did a scan but they found nothing. But it really doesn’t help my eye blurred vision is making me sick and dizzy and headache on and off I’m pleased for the hospital trying she asked if I would go back in 3 months I will but hope I don’t have to put up with this for that long.

Hi Kazza

so sorry to hear you didn’t get anywhere with the hospital. I’m not sure do they do the tests that would say if it’s optical nerve damage or is that only picked up on an MRI. My opticians prescribed glasses with prisms in so I hope they help once they are ready.

Good luck



I think they can determine whether there is optic neuritis without an MRI … It may be the test where you have to stare at the dancing squares, sometimes with a fine thread laid across the eye! I had a whole bunch of tests which also told them how much colour perception was lost - although at times, my tv picture appears all neon! chris

I have had a mri but neuroligist has not seen it yet there is white leisions on my brain that’s all I was told but could be my age.

I also had no test like you describe bolan99 just usual test like when you go to an option so I’m still left hanging

Every now and then my eye goes worse and I get terible colour distortion but on the whole it’s like someone has put cling film over my eye.

Kaza - sorry if I came across a bit jokey in my reply …I do realise this is an awful and worrying time for you and I do wish you all the best

I always believed the eye problems came more with the relapsing remitting type of ms - from my own experience though, and from coming on this site, I now know they can occur in all types of ms. I have the colour distortion/fading which you describe and the cling film over the eye/s sounds familiar. With mine I can sometimes see it changing as it happens … sort of goes all cloudy and hazy. Mine is PPMS so not sure why, but the next day It may not be as bad. I feel for you getting the headaches on top of everything else as you won’t be able to think straight … I’m glad the painkillers are helping with that at least

Best wishes, Chris