Eye Makeup!

Not strictly MS related …but truly am interested to know…for those of you with vision problems, HOW does one manage decent eye makeup application?

I wear reading glasses but have noticed lately that struggling to see detail when doing eyes in mirror, incidentally often think lenses are blurred when they’re not as well.

Is there such a thing as a makeup lens?

Sounds vain I know, but I feel ugly in so many ways these days what with less mobility causing weight gain, a leaky bladder and lockdown hair, not to mention those pesky chin hairs that appear everytime you look away for a second!

Prettyfying my face makes me feel better about myself. I joked with hubby today that offered help, most people might have a cleaner - but I would have a makeup artiste!

I do okay just putting my face an inch away from the mirror, but back in my teens I had a magnified & lighted makeup mirror. I think they still make them, although maybe they’re not available in Europe?

You can have your makeup artist. i just want someone to brush my hair all day long.

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what you need is a handy 13 year old girl because they are wonderful with make up.

My great niece does her mum’s hair and make up and it is stunning.


I have one of those lighted mirrors but never used it much.

I prefer the lighting in the bathroom.

I have a 16 yr old…she just tells me I don’t need any and I should embrace being old. (old!!! I didn’t actually feel old, just ugly, until she said that).

She’s probably autistic. Seriously, she has speech & language disorder and no filter. Plus she thinks makeup is weak as apparently we do it to conform not for ourselves!! So no empathy there.

Magnifying mirror might be good, except I’ll then see all the things I don’t want to notice!! Thanks ladies xx

Hi Minnie

Be proud of yourself.

16 year old are more tricky than 2 year olds, the “terrible twos” aren’t that bad in comparison.

So your daughter has a speech and language disorder - check! Another star point for you.

She actually has a point with saying that we do it to conform,

I gave up trying a few years ago.

It is very disheartening when after 50 years of being good at make-up my hands became really spazzy.

So i no longer try and the world keeps on turning.

So honestly be proud of yourself for raising your girl well for 16 years and with MS too.

See yourself for who you really ARE!

A fabulous, competent, confident lady.


Hi Minnie

I agree with Carole - and if it makes you feel any better I’ve stopped wearing a bra as well as no make up

(Can’t get it on by myself!!!) but my boobs now have a new job keeping my knees warm!!!

Keep a sense of humour and stay strong, you’re doing brilliantly xxx

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Hahahaha my boobs aren’t impressive enough to hang down! But I do need my eye makeup, I have the cursed red haired pale eyebrows and lashes and I feel naked!

Ah thanks Carole - I also have a 23 yr old son who’s autistic, he was written off by ALL his teachers for years as he just went his own way and point blank refused to engage in anything except computing, media and guitars. He ended up in a special school, where they recognised the potential I kept telling them was there, so eventually he started to blossom aged 15 and ended up at college with a fab BTEC award (UK winner 2018) and is now at uni in his 2nd year of Comp Sci and working as a software developer in the summer breaks. I am proud of both of my kids, but they have their challenges! Daughter had a breakdown in December (as a result of years of trauma masking her difficulties and trying to fit in - another story) and is now hardly functioning. The most painful, scary situation I have ever found myself in.

So, the slap gives me confidence and makes me feel stronger, so I can put on the face and try and help her to heal . I do, however have to laugh when my MS nurse or GP says “avoid stress”… which I guess is nigh on impossible for most of us!

If I come across as confident, competent and fabulous - great! I’m actually secretly a crumbling wreck. My coping strategies include crafting, chocolate, reading and talking on the forums !

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I suffer with bad blepharitis, and this also causes INGROWING eyelashes. the thought of using any makeup near my eye makes me cringe. I have my daughter who comes about every 3 weeks now and plucks any pesky eyelash growing the wrong way. i couold have had an op for this but it wasnt gauranteed then covid came and it was not classed emergency.

occasional i use a tiny bit of vaseline on a massacara brush to keep the eyelashes in some sort of order. its only my left eye which is affected. weirdly enough its always the left side which misbehaves even with my ON its worse left eye lol.

but eyemake up i gave it all away. but i do keep my skin good. actually for allmost 70 i have been told i have amazing skin no wrinkles lol. thats down to hydration and good eating.

MM just keep slapping on the make up if it makes you good its all that counts. I am quite aware of my face like i said i spend a lot of time on my skin and money, but the I’s dont have it no way thanks lol.