How to apply makeup


As a man who cares for his female partner, I would like to learn how to apply her makeup. My partner finds this difficult to do for herself - accurate lines etc. - and, despite having lived through the New Romantics era, I have never done this before and my attempts to date are “interesting”.

Any ideas where I should start or where I could go.

Hello, as somebody who has lived through the New Romantic era too, AND done drag and a drama degree, I’ve had to do make-up myself and know how unwieldy man-hands aren’t built for doing steady liquid eyeliner- but you can learn. There’s a lot of trial and error, you may need some make-up remover pads handy- but you will get there…

There are loads of make-up tutorials on YouTube, but I’d personally recommend Sali Hughes- her YouTube channel was so popular, she got a column in The Guardian. It’s well worth a look…

(PS, I think it’s brilliant you’re taking this on)

Stewart (admin)

Stewart - you never fail to surprise me…new romantic, drag and drama…how did you get here?


I can’t help but want to say this is ace. I can’t even get my OH to help with my eyebrows…or even to tell me when I start to look like a monobrow. Stewart has given you a good link. Well done to you for being so caring.


Liz, i ask myself the same…as you can see, it’s been a long, colourful and very textured road.

applies lip gloss, expertly


Many thanks everyone. I will start by looking at the videos. (There are a lot of them - I had no idea it was so complicated. Do Haynes do a manual?)

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There are lots of books, but a lot of “ordinary” women won’t do the complete regime as practised by beauty professionals - not unless it’s for a really special occasion, anyway.

For example, I don’t use thousands of different applicators. Fingers for almost everything, really. I do use a blusher brush or sponge, and of course, mascara always comes with a wand (though I don’t always use mascara anyway).

If you want a really high definition, “glamour model” look, then I suppose you should buy, use, and regularly clean all the correct tools, but most of mine are lying unused, as fingers are so much quicker and easier, for everyday.

Also you do not have to buy the most expensive, luxury brands to get a decent result. I still swear by cheap basics like Rimmel and Boots No. 17. I find picking the right shade is far more influential on the finished results than how much you paid for it. A flattering shade will always look good, even if it’s a supermarket basic, but paying ten times as much won’t compensate for a colour that just wasn’t the right choice.

Of course, it’s worth asking your wife how she would do things, if she still could. She needs a look that’s natural and normal for her. If she wouldn’t normally go about with fake everything, then you need to look at replicating what she would normally do - not the “extreme makeover” look you’ll see in some videos.


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What a lovely thing to do for your wife.

I used to be a Beauty Therapist. There is loads of information and help on the internet but my advice would be to book an appointment with a beauty therapist for a make-up lesson.

You could either go to a beauty salon or find a mobile therapist which may be easier.

It’s very easy to watch things on the internet but a therapist will go through it with you - one step at a time.

She will guide you if you are doing it wrong. She will chat to your wife about how she likes to look. She will explain how to match colours to her skin tone.

Your wife would enjoy the pampering also.

Best wishes



Hi, I think Teresa gave you the best advice. having a professional do your wife`s make-up and give her advice would really make her feel extra special.

What a lovely man you are!

luv Pollx


Thank you all for your kind advice and suggestions. I think getting her to sit still and stop laughing at my attempts would be a start!


The best way is to hire a pro makup guy and let him/her do the makup of your wife but If I was in your shoes I would do it my self. This would make a lot of difference for your wife. She would feel so special and I know that all husbands here can not groom themselves then How can they do make up of their wife. For learning I suggest you to check youtube, they have got some great channel and professional makeup artists and You can even download those videos for later help

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I use youtube to tips on helping with make up. Shw won’t tell anyone about her MS, so it;s tough knowing how to deal with things.

Puts me under a lot of pressure.

I’d recommend mineral powder purely on the basis I can do virtually all my make-up without a mirror and more importantly, not end up looking like a clown Mascara is the only thing I must have a mirror for now.

I use but there’s lots cheaper versions of it available now. My suggestion would be to take her to a counter, say it’s been highly recommended and ask them to test out the basics on her. That way you can watch and she can test and decide if she likes it or not. They do a starter pack with required brushes etc. I bought it for my Mum & step-daughter - so now my Mum has some, my step-daughter buys a cheaper version on the net and my sister went out and bought it and I just replace bits for presents etc. as I know it’s a safe bet.

I hate that I can’t do what I used to, I still have too much make-up but the 2 bags of it I gave away, were much appreciated

Sonia x


Firstly , good on you for taking on this tough task, it goes to the heart of being a “couple” Keep plugging away I am sure that it will become easier with practise. I love the image of a Haynes manual.

On a more “blokey” note, the complication and effort are probably the reason that most guys would not wear make up. This particular dinosaur has only just realised that if I use my wife’s Nivea my face is less likely to fall off in a blizzard of facedruff, but if you were to suggest that I should moisturise I would revert to being “Alf Garnet” or “Andy Capp” (?) and offer you a verbal slap…

I never realised just how thick I am!


Your wife laughing is a great thing AND sounds like a good basis for a reason for sub-optimal make up application.

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I use Neutrogena for everything.