Extreme stress help ???

Hi everyone,

I got myself extremely stressed out about having a mri, and didnt go through with it, as by the time i was prescribed diazepam, i felt extremely ill and stressed. Since then i am getting loads of tremors. I cant seem to settle. I wake up during the night with a headache at the back of my head, which has been going on for about a year and a half, told its coming from my neck. I am extremely anxious what this headache could be, as it wakes me up every night, then i cant go back to sleep for a long while. So i am not sleeping alot either. I am extremely stressed, i was put on setraline for my anxiety.

I am glad that you are getting some medical help with your anxiety. It does sound like you’ll be better able to address your other health issues once you’ve made some progress with managing your anxiety in general situations.

When the brain is in a chronically-aroused state in the way that you describe, everything seems impossible, doesn’t it? (Sad experience speaking here.) It can be hard to think one’s way through. If you can create a little more calm space for yourself with the help of the meds, you might find you are better able to address things like breathing exercises, meditation or whatever practices might give you more resilience and feel more stable. But I do understand that it’s hard to contemplate such things when in a state of chronic anxiety. That sounds horrid for you. I hope that you feel a little better soon and can start to navigate your way through whatever diagnostic procedures are recommended to you.

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Hi NC . Like Alison, I’m really sorry to hear about your current and overwhelming troubles. I think many of us have probably been there a bit - you seem to have it more than most and NC, you have my full sympathies. I expect you might know this already but the Setraline could take a couple of weeks to start making a difference . Things should then start feeling more manageable and as Alison says, give you some calm space , some breathing space for your mind .

I’m no medic but I do think it is quite possible that your headaches are a result of stress and tension ( as the adverts used to say ‘ tense nervous headache). So when you are in a better place to deal with it, do try relaxation techniques etc

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