extreme leg pain

Ok the last few days I’ve bin walkin to the hospital to visit mum in the stroke unit, ( I can’t get a lift or afford the taxi fares everyday), it used to take me 25 mins to get there but nw over a hour, woke up this mornin and I managed to walk for about 5 mins in the flat before my legs felt like someone was tryin to hack them off, I’ve never felt so much pain before that it made me sick, I ended up on both crutches tryin to walk instead of draggin my sorry butt to the settee, I’m on tramadol 100mg 3 times a day coz of the pain, this goes thru 3 stages wen it kicks in, 1) chatty batty as I call it coz I non stop chat, 2) zombiefied where I have no idea wat I’m doin, then finally 3) where it puts md to sleep for the rest of the day, does anyone know of any kind of herbal painkiller that will do the job of tramadol but without the side effects I have? Any ideas or suggestions id b very greatfull for, if this makes sense then great coz I’m in chatty batty stage

Hello from 1 Chatty Batty to another Chatty batty,

Im practically always up for a chat! I stop chatting when im asleep…except folk tell me I do it even then, although it`s not very clear!

Sounds like you have over-done the walking, but I reckon you already know that, eh?

I am on amitriptyline for severe nerve pain, which works extremely well.

My hubby takes paracetomol with caffeine for his severe arthritis pain in his feet. It gives him about 80% relief. Our GP prescribed me some cocodamol for back pain, but it made my already difficult constipation to play up even more. Have you tried that?

Why not ask the pharmacist next time you see one?

Hope you mum improves soon and you dont feel it necessary to visit as much. Im sure she wouldnt want you being in so much pain and would tell you not to over-do it, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks poll, sum reason it didn’t cross my mind to ask the pharmacist, dads told me to stay in the next few days as I’ve over done it n that mum will understand, I get very protective of mum n more so wen she’s in hospital